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Food Distribution for Congolese refugees, Nyarugusu Camp (Tanzania)

After teaching a few Advocacy courses and discussing Relief & Development opportunities with interested students, I hope adding this page might be a good place for them (& you) to learn more.

There are many organizations doing amazing things to positively impact poverty, disease, HIV/AIDS, malaria, safe-water access, peace-building initiatives, and refugees… (thank God, the need is HUGE!) Personally I appreciate the long-term approach (the agencies I worked for facilitated 10 – 15 year community development programs + shorter-term health/water/agriculture/relief projects), but each organization/ stakeholder’s core competency chips away at challenges that are too massive for any one community, country, continent or agency. It takes LOTS of folks to make a difference, so I’ve always facilitated strategic alliances to create as many links as possible between various stakeholders.


If you would like to know more about relief & development efforts or the current crisis situation in a specific country, a good place to start is the UN’s OCHA relief web that has excellent background papers, briefing materials + current updates from UN agencies, media, INGOs, academic institutions..   (+ there are helpful vacancies listings if you’re looking career-wise!  : )

Here’s a list of organizations I’ve worked with in various coalitions along with advocacy networks + other groups my friends work for, or those that seem impressive (hearing about them since returning home.)  Check out their website links to learn more…

(!) NOTE: most faith-based organizations (like the ones I worked for) assist everyone in need regardless of race, creed, gender, tribe, political party…  Unfortunately, it’s ‘most’ not all – maybe someday all faith-based organizations will help EVERYONE without hitting them over the heads with their holy objects.

Relief & Development & Global Stakeholders

Education (especially for GIRLS!)





ChildFund International

Concern Worldwide


Habitat for Humanity

Heifer International


MSF/Doctors without Borders

Vocational Training & Micro-enterprise

Opportunity International




Partners in Health

PLAN International


Refugees International

Restoring lives of refugees

Relief International

Save the Children








water source (UGANDA)

Women for Women  International



Faith-based Organizations


Aga Khan Foundation

Bread for the World


access to safe-water source (Turkana, KENYA)

Caritas Internationalis

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)


Heart for Orphans

Jesuit Refugee Services

Lutheran World Relief


Mennonite Central Committee


Mercy Corps

Samaritan’s Purse

reconstruction of ‘the rubble’ (Kosovo)


World Relief

World Vision International

Advocacy Networks/Agencies

CORE Group (child health)


International Justice Mission

ONE Campaign

Malaria  No More

Malaria – not any more! (marketing campaigns)


RBM – Roll Back Malaria

SING Campaign

Behavior Change Communications – HIV/AIDS

VIP Gender =

Nutrition programs…

6 Responses to Relief Links & More

  1. Did I mention previously that I worked for World Vision Canada for 13 years..(my son for 20) ? Diane

    • Virginia says:

      Diane, you did mention that. I always appreciated WVCanada’s support in the Middle East, Kosovo, & especially in WVTZ where we were blessed with lots of CIDA funding that complemented numerous sponsorship projects. Many thanks for all you & your son did @ WVC! Blessings! ✨🌍✨

      • Thanks.. I only mentioned it because we are of like mind when it comes to those who have so little…. You were the ‘hands’ that went where some could not go…. I would liken those of us who worked at the level I did… as perhaps the ‘arms’ who tried to support your efforts overseas … Diane

      • p.s. ‘though my son saw first hand the need.. because he traveled and did videos …took photos etc. Diane

  2. Very good post. I certainly love this site.
    Continue the good work!

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you for checking out this page (sorry I haven’t updated it in eons, but most of these organizations are still doing amazing work!) Cheers – Virginia

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