Earth Day 2022 #InvestInOurPlanet

Faithful readers of this blog know that Virginia is a tree groupie, a waterfall groupie, and an avid groupie of mountains, beaches, forests, lakes, birds, oceans and flowers…

Majestic trees @ Banff National Park (Canada)

A tree & an ocean (Pemba, Tanzania)

Niagara Falls

The grandeur of creation continually astounds my heart and spirit with awe.

As we continue to work to protect the environment and precious natural resources, let’s give thanks for our truly amazing planet and consider all that needs doing to protect it from imploding.Today our planet faces huge climate change challenges, environmental degradation of natural resources, pollution, lack of safe water access in many communities, deforestation …the list is, sadly, way too long.

We can all need to do our bit, because it will take all of us investing in our planet’s well being to reverse the tide of degradation not just on Earth Day, but every day! From the Earth Day website:

“We need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). It’s going to take all of us. All in. Businesses, governments, and citizens — everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable. A partnership for the planet.”

Here’s to being planet partners wherever we are & however we can!

“This me, like all of creation, lives in a glorious dance of communion with all the universe. In isolation we die; in interdependence we live.”  Madeleine L’Engle

grace, peace & interdependent partners

Virginia : )

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  1. Yes. We haven’t got anywhere else. Thank you 🌍

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