Aaron Neville: “I Know I’ve Been Changed”

“When the storm of life is raging Lord…Stand by me…

When this old world is tossing me like a ship on a raging sea,

Will thou, Mary’s baby…Shelter in the time of storm…

Stand by me.”       (Charles A. Tindley)

So sings Aaron Neville at the beginning of this collection of inspiring Gospel tunes that testify to the courage and resilience of the people of his native New Orleans – and all of us – as we face the storms of life with faith and hope.

As an Aaron Neville groupie FOREVER (since the Neville Brothers) I have so enjoyed grooving to his records, tapes, CDs (he’s been churning out hits since the ’60s) – but this is my absolute favorite, FAVORITE!  Since Christmas it’s been played at least once a day – with copies in the car, my room, the kitchen, on i-touches & the computer…

He blends gospel with a bit of gumbo and his angel-like voice to inspire – keep on, keeping on, even when times are tough, trust and let God use you “anywhere, anytime.”  My favorite songs, #8- “Tell Me What Kind of Man Jesus Is” and #9- “I Want To Live So God Can Use Me,” are  awesome southern Gospel at its best. Listening to the whole CD, however, is like attending a church service with segments of praise, testimony, teaching, reflection, prayer and…joyous worship!

Aaron Neville is not only one of the most amazingly gifted singers out there with his truly unique voice, he is also a devout man of faith who has weathered many storms in his life (drug addiction, poverty, loss…)  From his inspiring example and music, you can tell “the purity of prayer is never far from his lips, the power of music never far from his heart,” as stated by Monica A. Coates in the CD intro.

Celebrating his his 50th year recording music, Aaron Neville keeps the Gospel joy coming in “I Know I’ve Been Changed.”  Give it a listen, but be careful – you might get inspired to do some changing.

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2 Responses to Aaron Neville: “I Know I’ve Been Changed”

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Va., I’m so glad you introduced us to his music years ago–we’re big fans and have been blessed, not only by his tremendous talent, but by his great spirit! — c.

  2. vaviews11 says:

    Cindy – thank YOU for the tremendous blessing you have been for so many, many, many years – and for your great spirit that has touched me in so many, many, many ways!!!!

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