CAPTAIN AMERICA – woo woo – an Avenger in WWII!

If you’re looking for a fun movie outing this weekend, check out Captain America: The First Avenger.  I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun at a movie (ok, so Fast Five was also a hilarious happening especially when they got in cars – zoom, zoom – QUITE a ride even with a 10 ton safe dragging behind!)

This is a Marvel Comics production (don’t expect Kings Speech acting) and is surprisingly good for the genre.  Set during WWII, Steve Rogers is a tiny, SKINNY guy who can’t get drafted altho he tries & tries because he wants to fight the bullies (note: he has lots of experience as a beaten-up bully target.)  He may be tiny, but his huge courageous heart is noted by military scientist Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci) who drafts him into a new experiment where he turns into, guess who?  Captain America.

Ladies, beware!  the Drool Factor is rather high (or ‘eye candy’ as my friend Julie calls it!)*  The newly improved Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) has lots of MUSCLES and is super-human, but not too super (he can’t fly or do weird out-of-space stuff.) He can run fast & dodge bullets & throw a heavy shield &… he can be killed.

There’s a love interest, Peggy (who throws a good punch!), a very bad Nazi-HYDRA villain who morphs into Red Skull (Hugo Weaving), a hard-boiled he-must-be-convinced military boss Col. Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones), hairpin missions with Capt. America’s team of ace-soldiers (a rather fun bunch with Neal McDonough as mustached ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan), lots of ’40s music & USO shows (showgirls inclusive)…and, well, good times to be had by all (except the bad guys!)

Rated PG – there might be a ‘damn’ or two (Capt. America is courteously shy), there’s one kiss (make that a peck + a kiss = 2); the PG must be for action sequences that are quite tame compared to Band of Brothers.

Be sure to wait through the credits at the end (it’s a long wait – a zillion people worked on this film in a zillion ways & a zillion places), but there’s a preview of the new Avengers movie with the whole gang…

Capt. America + Thor in ONE movie? wow…

(*Editors Note: the Drool Factor in this movie is not quite as high as the strategic shirtless scene in the movie Thor.  woah! that was GOURMET eye candy!)

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