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Accessing Safe Water Sources (Turkana KENYA)

Virginia, the ‘on hiatus’ relief & development worker, just posted a new ‘Page’  (for you email subscribers, it means you must visit the actual blog & click on the ‘Relief Links’ menu bar selection to see it!)  The nice thing about constructing a Page (this still-kinda-new- blogger has learned) – it’s always THERE for visitors who might be interested to learn more, which is the idea for this particular Page of Relief Links.  You can come back (again & again) and look up one link a day to: Read something(!) Learn something(!) and maybe eventually DO something (!!)

Altho currently busy with the Order of the Towel, Mop & Broom (ie, executive domestic assistance bossing kitchen appliances around vs.  leading a cutting edge team of professionals – the people kind : )  my heart still beats – quite loudly – for those who are suffering & facing challenges the world over.  Since I started overseas in 1992 so much has been done (thanx be to God!)  but so many challenges remain the same:  injustice (of all types), conflicts/ refugees, disease (malaria, HIV/AIDS!!)  food security, education (especially for girls), access to safe water, nutrition, shelter, healthcare, access to markets/$$/ micro-enterprise opportunities… (the list is long!)

As a let-the-world know type of relief & development worker, I have not been terribly shy discussing these issues – with interested students, at church, in the grocery line, on the street – so I thought it might be kinda helpful to focus on an issue every now & then on this blog …and if random cyberspace visitors come to read about a book or movie, why this very subtle Page will be there to entice their ‘clicks’ to click away on the links…

And YOU, dear Reader, I sincerely hope that you WILL click on the Relief Links.  First – to learn & be inspired by the many outstanding global stakeholders doing AMAZING things … and Secondly, because it took a week or two of VA’s blog-time to put all the links on the Page-that-was-a-draft-&-now-is-posted-LIVE for all to see!

So, please CLICK AWAY!!!

grace, peace & Busy Page-Builders

Virginia : )

p.s. if you support or know of other organizations doing a great job out there, pls comment with your suggestions  … most of the groups on this list i worked with in coalitions for malaria, HIV/AIDS, inter-agency coordination, joint projects (etc) : lots of Roses (the Living Kind) encountered in some pretty tough spots!

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