Christmas Trees & BOOKs & Jan Karon’s Shepherds Abiding

It’s that time of year…we had to put up our Tree really early (last Saturday, December 3rd!!)  otherwise ‘twould be the ‘Night Before Christmas,’ but too many creatures would be stirring, including this Worker-Elf Mouse!

Not good. Worker-Elves need a BREAK (& have to get to Church the Night before Christmas, no time to decorate trees & redecorate whole living rooms & environs.. : )

whew. Tis done (pictures may be forthcoming… ‘may’ connotes effort to unearth camera after Atlanta overuse: click, click, click – TWO CAMERAs – no less; methinks the Woodward Duo didn’t miss much in The Aquarium with NINE hours of pics!)

To celebrate the Big Deed…Did I mention a Major Study shuffle of Books, Books, Books – a Two Day event – and the fact that I can hardly sit at the computer without some body part ACHING?? ( real pain… the kind that perks into a quick Boil with a bit of electric current… zzzZZZ—AAaaCK!)

TMI… so celebrating x2 with an icepack (& heat as necessary.)  It was way cool finding so many books under my bed (a few this Ditzhead bought TWICE, can you believe? someone’s getting some Great Books for Christmas!)

And it is WONDERFUL after several piling up years to see the books all neatly organized on my Papa’s Study shelves (alphabetical & by CATEGORY – yaaay!) & to SEE the books on the 3 big shelve sets in my room (hidden the past few years behind stacked piles on each shelf…)  NO MORE BOOK PILES! (oops, there is one teensy big box under bed that will have to WAIT.)

One happy unearthed find is Jan Karon’s Shepherds Abiding, a book I always enjoy reading again this time of year. Father Tim, Cynthia & the whole Mitford gang go about fall into Advent & Christmas, learning lots about each other, faith, friendship & the Love of the Christ Child…oh, & shepherds!  If you haven’t read this, check it out (literally, most Libraries have it) & if you’re looking for a good Christmas pressie, her latest In the Company of Others is an excellent read: Father Tim & Cynthia holiday it in Ireland and solve MYSTERIES.  One of her BEST, yet…

After 2 days of leftovers Mama & Papa may not share my extended excitement (re: the BOOKS! On SHELVES! And ORGANIZED!)  The Cook must dash & Do Dinner (meHopes a small side of leftover yummy baked Pea Dish will be acceptable with a New Mains!)

grace, peace & Joyful BOOKS*


*& READERS  : )

p.s. it is very nice to rest sore Neck (x2) in front of beautiful Christmas Tree… & Papa has had visitors today from morning til evening (they’re still in there so can delay dinner a few more minutes!) & they all like The Tree.  Christmas is coming – YAAAY!

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2 Responses to Christmas Trees & BOOKs & Jan Karon’s Shepherds Abiding

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Ginny, Can’t wait to see Xmas decorations and your new room/study setup from reshuffle of your vast book collection. I’m enjoying my latest selection of books on loan from the “Virginia Lea Library”! Hope your neck and soar muscles will recover quickly. Looking forward to the Messiah! Luv, cin 🙂

  2. Virginia says:

    Cin – so enjoyed the visits to Blowing Rock when you & Mark lived in Banner Elk! Reading “Shepherds” again (while resting the RPN) i can see Mitford with New Eyes … Re: The Books, On Shelves AND Organized – now you can peruse & ‘check out’ to your heart’s content… (i found a few more Daniel Silvas under the bed – but maybe you should get back to Jan Karon as I tend to stay up All Night finishing his! : )

    Looking SO FORWARD to The Messiah ! Yaaay! Music of the Heavenlies.. : ) – GL

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