Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

It’s that time of year…Christmas music in the air, Joyful folks everywhere…

It doesn’t get better than sitting by a roaring fire with a cup of Christmas tea, listening to the Canadian Tenors singing Christmas carols (unless you can SEE them, they are quite a hunky bunch! : )

Of course, that sitting down thing would be Nice.

As the chief Cook & Bottle Washer at the Woodward home, there are Many Things to Do … sitting down for a few secs is usually needed for catching breath before dashing – not through the snow – but onto the Next Christmas ‘to-DO’ thing…

A dear friend, Ann (who is 80+), sent an email this week declaring ‘Bah Hambug(! ): she was not doing Christmas this year – no cards, no gifts. Then yesterday she popped by for a visit (bearing a gift of the most beautiful Christmas lilies!) Seeing her was such a lift…

Sometimes it’s about the Joy of PRESENCE (vs. presents, altho presents are NICE!) Being present with one another, finding joy in the company of friends, family, sharing the smiles that travel those miles into our hearts.

But the Big Presence is why we’re dashing about – God with us, Emmanuel.

In a Manger… In Bethlehem… and here today, if we open our hearts a bit wider…

What Child Is This who laid to rest on Mary’s lap is sleeping, Whom Angels greet with anthems sweet while shepherds flocks are keeping…This, this is Christ the King… the Babe, the Son of Mary…let loving hearts enthrone Him…


Grace, peace & PRESENCE

Virginia : )

 “Arise & shine for the Light of the World is come…”

a shepherd on the move in Bethlehem (1995)

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2 Responses to Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Ginny, Another well written blog and wonderful perspective on Christmas … Mark and I are looking forward to sharing your “presence” and presents and a multitude of smiles from the heart. Merry Christmas from your sister! luv, cin 🙂

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you, Cindy (& Mark), for your wonderful ‘presence’ through the holidays – helping Hearts & Hands inclusive! You two are AMAZING – we couldn’t have done Christmas or New Years (with the Whole Clan – great grand babies inclusive!!) without you. THANK YOU SO MUCH! grace, peace & PRESENCE – Gin

      p.s. really like the nice presents, too! 🙂

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