Judy Bailey: Music spinning Upside Down!

Inspiring music, inspiring words… & an incredibly inspiring musician who globetrotts the world lifting spirits, sharing her songs with bands in jam-packed venues and on the ground with children in Africa, guitar in hand.

Judy Bailey started performing Gospel music at an early age – really well(!); she won awards in her native Barbados before launching over to the U.K. & then to Germany where her global music ministry is based today. (Along the way she met her German husband … so single ladies, be sure to Go Where you are Meant To Go, re: that Faith Thing you are Meant To Do!)

I met Judy & her husband in Tanzania when they came to visit projects supported by our Germany office (Judy had donated funds from one of her recordings.)  Not only does this lady sing, she also raises awareness of global issues as a Goodwill Ambassador for World Vision, a large Christian relief & development agency.

During their visit i was so impressed with how humble Judy is & how much Fun she had playing her guitar with the kids, engaging them in the music. After a formal-ish encounter, she just pulled out her guitar, started strumming & the children came out of themselves to be themselves around her.

And her VOICE. wow… She ROCKs!

She gave us CDs & i still so enjoy playing “Extraordinary Light” on her “Found the Sun” compilation… it helps me get going in the morning on my Gospel Playlist & makes me want to Spin Around (more practice for the Heavenlies as methinks we will Not be Sitting on our Tushis Up There!)

Just an ordinary day but extraordinary light

An apt description of what Judy’s music does – even if we’re spinning upside down by what life throws at us, it brings Extraordinary Light (the Heavenly Kind) whenever played…

Here’s a link to Judy’s website to read about her faith & amazing career… (& you can listen to an excerpt of “Extraordinary Light” …)


grace, peace & Inspiring Musicians

Virginia : )

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