After a few War Movie viewings, Papa (deciding to Be Nice to Mama) suggested we watch Anne of Green Gables (definitely rated “G” for Grandmama) which we really enjoyed several nights (we have the whole 1st series + the 2nd series + the movie where Anne goes to find Gilbert in WWI) …Unfortunately we only made it until Anne leaves P.E.I. to teach (even before the Love Story) when Papa requested something a Bit More Exciting.  So, I selected the movie Fast Five (thinking PG-ok-for-Mama), but after the first car heist scene (Off a Moving Train), she suddenly had Things To Do elsewhere…

whew! FAST 5… i haven’t seen any of the other Fast movies (evidently there are a few, maybe 5?) but this one is Really Amazing: lots of beautiful scenery (Rio de Jenaro  & environs) brawn, brawling, Good Guys vs. Not So Good Guys vs. The Really Bad Guys, and REALLY FAST CARS!

The Inspiration Factor is Not Too Bad (for an Action Flick.)  There are family values (Vin Diesel’s character, the Head Car Thief Dom Toretto, stresses Family relationships & that families Must Stick Together.)  The Rock/Dwayne Johnson’s muscles can be rather Inspirational (they ripple as he Bashes the heads of the Bad Guys.)  And there is a subtle message of ‘judge not that ye be not judged’ – in a Robinhood sort of way – especially of Dom & his sidekick Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) an FBI agent turned Thief who is very  much in love with Dom’s sister, Mia (Jordana Brewster)…

The Teamwork as Dom calls in a diverse global team is my favorite part. So Very Cool as the diverse team members converge on Rio with his (or her) expertise to plan & pull off a Major Heist (stealing $1oo million from Mr. Rich Drug Kingpin who is rather debonair when he is not having people killed…)

There is Inspiration to be found in this movie (looking behind the Rubble) but basically it’s  a Full On Action flick with unbelievable chase scenes, fight sequences …& Fast Cars (definitely a theme here! )

….oh, & a wee bit of violence…

vrrooooom vrrrooooom!


grace, peace & Inspirational Mayhem

Virginia : )

p.s. after seeing this movie in the Theater last summer, i bought the DVD as one of the those ‘merry christmas to me’ presents.  Highly recommend if you’re in the mood for Mayhem (without Too Much blood & guts! : )



p.s.2 Feeling a wee bit sick today (some kind of flu) so re-posted this something from Somewhere Else (my ‘mostly’ Sci-Fi blog that Needs a Bit of Work!) But this movie really can be inspirational if you look past the rubble & if you’re in the mood for mayhem!

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