Good Friday … looking at the Cross …

Here’s a Good Friday quote for reflection:

“Look at the Cross and you will see Jesus’ head bent to kiss you, His arms extended to embrace you, His heart opened to receive you, to enclose you within His love.  Knowing that the Cross was His greater love for you and for me, let us accept His Cross in whatever He wants to give, let us give with joy whatever He wants to take, for in doing so they will know that we are His disciples, that we belong to Jesus, that the work you and I do is but our love in action…”    Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

( from Love: A Fruit Always in Season – Daily Meditations by Mother Teresa”)

grace, peace & Good Friday Love


(Cross: Convent of San Francesco, Assisi)

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4 Responses to Good Friday … looking at the Cross …

  1. adoptingjames says:

    This is wonderful. I wrote a post on my blog talking about why it’s called “Good Friday,” and why it’s considered good. It’ll be on the main page the whole weekend.

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    Another rich quote, Ginny, that’s both challenging and convicting!
    These are all so good! Cin

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