Talent & Character…(& more SOCCER : )

“Talent is a Gift, but character is a Choice.”  (Anthony Grant, Head Basketball coach for Alabama.)

It’s the Big Day:  EURO 2012 Championship Game starts in a few short minutes.

Italy takes on Spain…

There’s been so much talent & so much character to this point. I usually cheer for Germany (my Grandmama was German, i was an exchange student to Germany in high school & a German major in University : ) but those Italians came out the other nite On Fire & zoomed right onto the business of Scoring Goals.  2 in quick succession (!!)

Papa said he thought the Germans were ‘a bit arrogant’ … maybe. They are a Very Talent-filled Team. I thought they would dominate… & they did, a bit… but then the Italians WON.

What a joy to see all that talent…it’s been amazing this whole tournament (especially in that incredibly exciting, ‘nail-biting’ Denmark/Portugal match)…

Then there’s character.  Mario Balotelli’s make-it-happen spirit (goals, goals!) & Andrea Pirlo’s continued perseverance (at 33..) keeping focused on The Ball…

‘Twas heartening to see the English Team during the Quarter-final Italy match as the defensive players held back what seemed like a zillion attempts on goal.  Talent… and LOTS of character.

Talent may be a gift… but character doesn’t give up. It’s a choice.

Must go dash (Spanish Orange cake just out of oven to accompany our Italian meal for the EURO 2012 Championship Soccer Party at the Woodwards : )

grace, peace & Footballers (with Character)

Virginia : )

p.s.  it’s Sunday… & i must confess my mind did wonder a wee bit during church this morning.  What’s it like Above during these big sport events? Do the Saints place Heavenly bets on the outcome?

Just imagine Italy’s cheering section: woah! – St. Francis, St. Benedict, St. Catherine of Siena + So Many Others… Then for sure, St. Teresa of Avila & St. Ignatius (& his buddies – St. Xavier et all) would rally the Spanish sidelines…

Whatever the Heavenly Cheering, may God bless & anoint the talent given the amazing players on both sides… and may He strengthen their character (& ours, too!)

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4 Responses to Talent & Character…(& more SOCCER : )

  1. vftmom247 says:

    I thought Pope Benedict was truly diplomatic when asked who he would be cheering for in the final, now that Germany was out. He said he’d been cheering for both teams. When I say that, it generally means just a good, well-played game, and that final most definitely was well-played.

    • Virginia says:

      Very Diplomatic! we were cheering for both (the Spanish Team was amazing throughout!) but are a wee bit sad for the Italians.. especially as they played 10 to 11 the last part of the match. They seemed Very Tired ! : (

  2. Beatrice Minja says:

    Tell papa that I am very happy that God has protected him and able to enjoy the football good moments this year.

    Have a blessed time forever.

    • Virginia says:

      Dada Beatrice — passing on your wonderful message. Papa did indeed enjoy the ‘soccer’ (what everyone else calls ‘Football’ : ) … Maybe for the World Cup an African team will challenge the Spanish ?? : )

      Blessings to YOU — always — Virginia : )

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