…TIME….(the losing of)

Here in America tonight (some time in the middle of the night) we move our clocks forward an hour.  Hence Virginia the Blogger is scrambling to Get In Bed since we will lose an hour of SLEEP (& since she is up in the middle of most nights helping her Papa, this is Rather Challenging to then miss sleep for… Daylight Savings Time? what about Saving Me?  a Bit More Sleep???)

‘Tis good to NOTE that in the morning? church will be ….AN HOUR EARLIER (if you forget to put your clocks forward…)  2 years ago i completely forgot & dashed into the 7:15AM service – –  just in time for The Benediction.


Will sign off with two timely quotes to contemplate…
(‘timely’ – get it? : )

“Lost time is never found again.” 
Benjamin Franklin

BG Clock with moon

“We must use time wisely & forever realize
that the time is always ripe to do right.”

Nelson Mandela

BG Clock

grace, peace & TIME

Virginia : )

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2 Responses to …TIME….(the losing of)

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Sorry you will lose more sleep–maybe a Sunday afternoon nap is in order? I’m thankful for our sonar clock that saves us every time! 🙂 Cin

    • Virginia says:

      ’twas such a Beautiful Sunday Afternoon, alas the nap opportunities were curtailed by Outdoor Opportunities (arts & crafts on Prince George street? & music? & sunshine? : )

      maybe tomorrow? – grace, peace & Tireditis blues* – Gin : )

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