Pope Francis… & prayer….

Pope Francis (2)Tufts of white smoke wafting above the Vatican & we have a New Pope!!!  This evening (Italian time)  the world welcomed Pope Francis at the 265th successor to Peter.   Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires, is the first pope from the Americas (the first outside of Europe in 1,300 years) & the first Jesuit to be elected pope.

Ad Majorem Dei gloriam hominum salutem
(for the greater glory of God & salvation of man.) 

As we watched Pope Francis… wait, isn’t it so very vool he chose the name Francis? There’s so much meaning – if for St. Francis of Assisi: humility, simplicity, peace-building & ‘building the church.’ If for St. Francis Xavier – what an evangelist! But methinks ’tis St. Francis of Assisi. Since I am a HUGE GROUPIE of St. Francis, this is very good. Exceedingly good.

Back to Pope watching — as Pope Francis came out on the balcony to greet the masses gathered in St. Peter’s Square ’twas deeply moving to witness his humility. Before giving the grand finale first blessing at the end of his first speech, he asked the crowd (& the rest of the world watching) to take a moment of silence to pray for him. 

yes, he needs our prayers (!!)  but to humbly put that priority out there in his first public address bespeaks well, methinks, of how Pope Francis views his new job: difficult, nee almost impossible. But with God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, even leading 1.2 billion Catholics in a church fraught with challenges amidst a world wracked with even more complicated challenges.

So, pray for Pope Francis. Let’s pray hard (get-on-our-knees-fervently-kind) that God will continue to transform his mind with wisdom, lift his spirits with joy (that doesn’t make sense), calm his spirits with peace (that passes all understanding), & anoint him with extra doses of grace, mercy & patience. And, most importantly, may the love of Jesus flow upon, in & through Pope Francis as a guiding Light for all to see, blazing a trail of healed hearts & minds awake with faith all around him (& this whacked out world!)

Pentecost Dove st peters romeOn this happy day, here’s a prayer of St. Ignatius:

“Eternal Father, strengthen me

Eternal Son, strengthen me

Eternal Holy Spirit, strengthen me

Holy Trinity, strengthen me

My one God, strengthen me.

May this be our prayer for Pope Francis, that God will strengthen him each & every day, week, hour, minute of his new pontificate.

grace, peace & prayer

   Virginia : )

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10 Responses to Pope Francis… & prayer….

  1. jaymers says:

    hey virginia! i’ve been totally absent on wp, but i swear that i have every intention of catching up–i am so impressed with your post-a-day for lent! Go you! i hope you are pleased with the selection, and i wonder what you think might evolve in the next few years for the church??? hmm. fun to think about that!

    • Virginia says:

      Jayme – have missed your witty (& informative!) posts — so sorry for all your challenges. Hope you can ‘hang in there’ (my Papa always says that oranges grow by hanging in there ! : ) …
      .. Not sure what will evolve in the next few years, but i am very hopeful with Pope Francis that maybe the Vatican will get a much needed ‘house cleaning’ & that he will lead the global church closer to Christ… We’ll see! (& we can pray!!!)

      grace, peace & Very Big Oranges – Virginia : )

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    He remains King forever!

    Ginny, What a momentous time for you to sum up and add insights for us noncatholics! Thought i’d share what I read in a devotional today that seemed fitting…
    “His people love His person, His government, and His laws! Whatever the sovereign King does–pleases all His redeemed people.
    He is the omnipotent Lord God–and He reigns and rules over all!

    “Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns!” Revelation 19:6

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you so much, Cin, for these words of rejoicing. I didn’t know anything about Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio before yesterday, but after reading about his life & seeing his first actions as Pope – your sis is Very Grateful to God!

      grace, peace & rejoicing – Gin : )

  3. Carol O says:

    Yes, very exciting. I loved that he told the cardinals that he had to go back to the hotel to pay his bill. And, after they elected him, he said to the cardinals, “May God forgive you!” So he has a sense of humor too.

    • Virginia says:

      CAROL – so cool (about the hotel bill) … but even more cool that Pope Francis has a sense of humor. Methinks he will need it!! Way back on the NPB Carolyn Williams (not sure if you met her) prayed every morning that we would serve with ‘holy hilarity’ – something i have asked God every day since in tough places & especially here at home (!!) Maybe we should pray for this gift for Pope Francis (– Holy Hilarity = extra doses of grace, love, joy & laughter – to be a conduit to each other & those we meet! : )

      grace. peace & Holy Hilarity – Virginia : )

  4. vftmom247 says:

    SO liking what I am hearing about Pope Francis!

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