Caught by a Thought: Ansel Adams

Last Sunday my sister, Shere, came over so my brother & i could zoom down to the Fragile Waters Exhibit at the Mariners Museum in Newport News. We were absolutely mesmerized by the 100 (ONE HUNDRED) nature photographs of water from various views: oceans, icebergs, marshes, waterfalls, geysers, ponds, lakes, seas … & so much more from three extraordinarily talented photographers:  Ansel Adams, Ernest H. Brooks II and Dorothy Kerper Monnelly.

While reading the quotes and background information accompanying each photograph, i was caught by these thoughts from iconic photography pioneer Ansel Adams:

File:Ansel Adams and camera.jpgTo photograph truthfully and effectively is to see beneath the surface and record the qualities of nature and humanity which live or are latent in all things.  Impression is not enough.  Design, style, technique – these, too, are not enough.  Art much reach further than impression or self revelation of life.  And life, or its eternal evidence, is everywhere.

Some photographers take reality as the sculptors take wood and stone and upon it impose the dominations of their own thought and spirit.  Others come before reality more tenderly and a photograph to them is an instrument of love and revelation.  A true photograph need not be explained , nor can it be contained in words.

Expressions without doctrines, my photographs are presented as ends in themselves, images of the endless moments in the world.”   Ansel Adams

File:(Jackson Lake in foreground, with Teton Range in background, view looking southwest from north end of the lake.), Grand - NARA - 519909.tif

Ansel Adams, Jackson Lake (National Parks Archives)

Local buddies, be sure to check out the Fragile Waters Exhibit…it’s extraordinarily excellent.  So well curated – each photo has an interesting quote about water and/or writings from the photographers – & the photos are just AMAZING (!)   There’s even one of Dorothy Kerper Monnelly’s that when viewed dissipates high blood pressure – no kidding – entering into her photo is like swallowing an inner peace pill.

And… the Mariners Museum has lots of other cool stuff.  If you haven’t seen the Monitor Ironclads section or the the Admiral Lord Nelson exhibit, you’re in for a double dose of Interesting High Seas History-Goings On (or what went on, anyway!)

grace, peace & Endless Moments

    Virginia : )

p.s.  yes, after a few weeks Virginia is back from her blogcation (vacation from blogging 🙂  She must get back into her blogging grooves as next week this blog turns Two (as in Two Years Old! )  woo woo!

p.s.2.  As an Ansel Adams groupie, while interneting ’twas grand to find a stash of his photos taken for the National Parks Service that are in the public domain. (click here to check them out…)


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10 Responses to Caught by a Thought: Ansel Adams

  1. jaymers says:

    Love this, and thanks for sharing the photo! I have been on an extended blogcation myself, I’ll have to catch up on your stuff! Be well!

    • Virginia says:

      Jayme – so glad to ‘see’ you here again! Have missed your blog & hope you’re oK with all those fires in CO : ( Hope you are staying well !!!!

  2. John Paine says:

    Welcome back! (Just kidding–about the length of your blogcation.) I’ll definitely check out Fragile Waters. By the way, how do you end up being out front on all the art happenings around southeastern Virginia? Thanks for sharing!

    • Virginia says:

      The Exhibit is quite amazing (!!) … & it helps (finding out the artisty goings on around here) to have a Reference Librarian brother, who has Very Interesting & Interested colleagues who send out notices of what’s going on where.. : )

      Blessings to you, John!

  3. Cindy Kranich says:

    Glad you’re back…missed both your worthy inspirations and expanding my horizons! Have always been a fan of Adams photos…now I know why. I think your photos capture the real life moments he’s talking about, too! You’ve a great eye and instinct for it. Love you and can’t wait to see you next weekend. 🙂

  4. Cindy Kranich says:

    BTW, Congrats on 2 years….quite an accomplishment!!! 🙂

    • Virginia says:

      Cin, you have been such an inspiring encourager for your sis to ‘keep at it’ – thank you. thank you. thank you. THANK YOU!!! grace, peace & shared joy – gL : )

  5. TMH says:

    Love Ansel’s work because it brings out much of a California of long ago. Thanks!

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