Advent Illumination

BG French wreathIt’s late, so today here’s a picture to contemplate.  Advent is about letting the Light in (& out)… we see so many pretty lights everywhere.   As you’re out & about at night (or enjoying special lights about your home, like on Christmas trees ) take a moment to think about what having light in the darkness really means.

…try turning off your lights (all of them, including smart phones, iPads, laptops or anything that glows)… and then turn one light on & see what a difference it makes.


Light illuminates.

It also shows what needs a good cleaning.

Just ‘sayin, Advent is a good time to clean house (external & internal)…

You know, dust those hard to reach corners & empty out cluttered closets.

Maybe our minds are cluttered & need a going over…

Maybe our hearts, too.

Light of Christ, illuminate us …. that we may be Your light in the night of this world.

grace, peace & illumination(s)


“Arise & shine for the Light of the world is come…”  Isaiah 60:1

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4 Responses to Advent Illumination

  1. Domeka says:

    Amazing Sis!!!

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks so much, Domeka!! Mama & I were so blessed TWICE to see you @ Riverside Medical — hope to see you again, SOON!

      lots & lots & lots of grace, peace & joy (hugs inclusive!) VA :O)

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    Love the pic AND the exhortation re’ decluttering and letting THE LIGHT shine in! Keep writing, GL–Mark and I look forward to reading these each day. 🙂

    • Virginia says:

      Cin – so glad you are enjoying this re-foraging back into blogging grooves. So appreciate your encouragement to give it a go again. Hugs to Markus (& to Gracie)

      grace, peace & blogging grooves – gL 🙂

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