Yes, Virginia There IS a Santa Claus

As faithful Roses in the Rubble readers know,  your humble blogger is Virginia.  And, yes, she is from (& currently resides) in the State of Virginia.  And, guess what? My mother’s name is also Virginia (altho most folks call her ‘Ginny’) & my Papa’s mother was also Virginia (“Virginia Claire’)… and my maternal great-aunt, also Virginia.  (that explains why there’s two Virginias in our immediate family – i’m named after my Mama & Grandmama & Great Aunt : )

So, last weekend while suffering from a bout of sniffles & sore throat (gifted from brother dearest who had a bad infection for 3 weeks) i searched for a Christmas-ish read, like Baen’s Cosmic Christmas 2 You  (check out this previous blog post!)  and downloaded science fiction author John C. Wright’s “Book of Feasts and Seasons.”

I have not read any of John C. Wright’s books (yet) but found his story, “Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus” to be quite moving.  And, guess what, he posted a gift copy of this story for all to read on his (seemingly very cool) blog.

(Click here to read.)

…Maybe science fiction/fantasy is not your thing, but you should give it a read. His two main characters are Virginia (a little girl) and her mother, Virginia.  Methinks you might need a kleenex or two by the end (& not just for a runny nose!)

So, if you ask this Virginia, is there a Santa Claus?

hmmmn, well, maybe… like, possibly…


Saint Nicholas Gentile_da_Fabriano_065grace, peace & Saint Nicholas groupies

Virginia : )

 p.s.  picture of St. Nicholas & the 3 boys by Italian artist, Gentile da Fabriano (c. 1370 – 1427) (in public domain)

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2 Responses to Yes, Virginia There IS a Santa Claus

  1. John C Wright says:

    Thank you.

    • Virginia says:

      Wow!! Thank YOU for sharing your storytelling gift & writing about things that matter (‘a voice in the wilderness’ of the oft times bleak sci fy landscape.) Looking forward to starting your War of the Dreaming series (just downloaded the 1st one -tough decision which of your series to start!) Again, thank YOU.

      grace, peace & awestruck bloggers – Virginia : )

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