…branches of fruit (and Light)

Here’s a quickie quote on this Lenten Friday night for our hearts and minds to munch on. Stop! stop! — don’t rush.  Slow down a bit and savor these words from Mother Teresa:

“Let us become real branches, filled with fruit, on Jesus’ vine.  Let us welcome Him into our lives whenever He wants to come in.  He comes as Truth which must be spoken, as Life which must be lived, as Light which must be reflected, as Love which must be loved, as The Way which we must take, as Happiness which we must spread, as Peace which we must plant, as Sacrifice which we must offer in our families and with our neighbors – whether near or far.”   Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Purple berries Jamestown Island

There are quite a few challenges packed in that paragraph:

– to open our hearts wider and welcome Christ further in, wherever He wishes to tread

– to really listen & hear Christ’s Truth, then speak it to set (ourselves) & others free

– live our lives in Christ, not dodging doldrums but facing them with His grace… & overcoming, for His glory

– open our hearts to let the Light of Christ into the recesses, emptying out what’s dark inside to be better reflectors of His Light

– ask Jesus to fill us with His love anew each day, that we might BE His love anew

– as we follow the way of Christ, walking in Christ, may our lives be maps of His mercy & grace that lead others to seek His face

– may we share the joy of Jesus to others by the way we choose joy, even when it’s not easy

– asking Christ to transform our hearts & minds & spirits with His peace – a peace that transcends all understanding – may we not only be conduits of His peace, may we go out of our way to cultivate peace in our families, our communities, our countries… in our world

– …and may we lay down our lives for others, sacrificially, in small ways & big ways, as Christ laid down His life for us…

grace, peace & intentional fruit

     Virginia : )

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4 Responses to …branches of fruit (and Light)

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Challenging, encouraging and much to ponder … wonderful blog, GL!

  2. TMH says:

    Two straight days I’ve landed on the wisdom of Mother Teresa. Good fortune.

    • Virginia says:

      Tim, Mother Teresa is one of my favorite people (as you probably surmised?) Good fortune + high probability (given well-worn status of her books in VA’s hands & mind & heart!) Blessings! 🙂

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