blueberry pancakes (for dinner!)

Shrove Tuesday is here (already!) and that means?


oh …and Lent starts tomorrow.   Ashes, fasting, 40 days til Easter?

But today, sometimes called “Fat Tuesday,”  it’s still ok to whoop it up with yummy eats whether you’re doing Mardi Gras down in New Orleans, finishing Fasching in Germany, celebrating the last day of Carnival in Rio, or just slushing through another dreary winter day.

For some reason lots of folks eat pancakes.  Years ago my church in DC always had pancake suppers on Shrove Tuesday, a tradition begun in the Middle Ages to empty out rich ingredients before the onset of Lenten fasting.

Hey, why not? Pancakes are pretty tasty! Added to finishing off the chocolate stash, it’s a recipe for a super sugar buzz.

A few weeks ago I made blueberry pancakes as a treat during a snowed-in weekend (10 inches in our back yard with ice betwixt & between.)  Getting back into the blueberry pancake grooves, my eyes misted over with the realization that I had not made them since my Papa passed.

Papa loved blueberry pancakes! He so looked forward to the special occasions when I whipped them up (since he was a diabetic, not too often.)  But his numbers didn’t go too crazy with sugar-free syrup & plenty of accompanying protein (lite turkey sausages, what he didn’t know, right? Even his favorite meatballs were made from ground turkey.)

sneaky.  sneaky.  (the turkey thing!)

Back to pancakes – a few weeks ago my eyes may have leaked a little over the griddle, but the blueberry pancakes sure tasted good.

So tonight, we’re having blueberry pancakes.

I’m sure Papa would approve!

blueberriesgrace, peace & blueberry pancakes*

Virginia : )

(*with some grits!)

p.s. Your humble blogger’s visions of grandeur (ie, that post-a-day gig during Advent) went bust with only ONE blog posted.  Missing Mama, ’twas hard going & doing.  Last year she hung out with me in the study, propped up on the comfy sofa while i typed away – she also served as a model, helped with photo shoots (click here to see!) & cheered me on (especially to finish so we could move on to our fun goings & doings!)  I miss her so much! …but here’s to trying a post-a-day gig this Lent.

Sometimes we focus so much on what we give up for Lent we forget it’s also about what we do.  (You can do something this Lent – read my blog each day! Oh, how shameless.)  But I will try to do something each day in the Blogosphere – a quote, pic, thought – hopefully something that inspires our faith walk (which shouldn’t be just talk, altho at times we balk!)

Now on to stalk the rest of that chocolate!  : )

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2 Responses to blueberry pancakes (for dinner!)

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Great to see you blogging, GL! Will look forward to the daily Lenten postings. Wish I could have joined you for those delicious pancakes. 🙂

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