SNAPSHOTS & WHATNOTS: …contemplative turtles…

Virginia the Blogger has been getting her grooves back, sort of. Hard to believe Roses in the Rubble turns SIX in July! Originally started to review books, movies, music and artsy endeavors, this blog has veered more toward advocacy… inspiration… and faith. (Advent & Lent post-a-day gigs tally 226 of 383 the total posts to date.) 🙂

Trying to sort out the future (and managing to post something each week) an idea grooved the little brain-blogging cells this week.

At one point this blog featured weekly “Wednesday Photographs.”  Bet that title grabbed ‘ya, right? Photos were often posted other days (not just Wednesdays), so that fizzled out after a bit. But Virginia, your humble blogger, likes taking photographs, so how does weekly Snapshots and Whatnots grab ‘ya?

I sure like the open-endedness of it: photos and whatever I feel like adding?

(As you may surmise, the odd quote (or two) is the most likely ‘whatnot’…)

The thing is, not everyone has oodles of time to read treatises on various subjects, so a quick snapshot, quote and woooosh, on to the next thing.

(Hopefully after taking a sec to contemplate the pic & whatnot?)

An added bonus: Snapshots and Whatnots can be posted on any day of the week!? No limiting to just Wednesdays! How’s that!?

So, here’s the first one (after this long introduction…)


…a contemplative turtle.. (@ the Va. Beach Aquarium)


Last night while binge watching Tavis Smiley shows piled up in the DVR, I was mesmerized by his interview with Professor Michael Eric Dyson (of Georgetown University) there promoting his book: “Tears We Cannot Stop.”

“Never reduce your dreams to the event you confront right now. Because, if you reduce it to now, you lose the horizon of possibility.”  Howard Thurman (as quoted by Professor Dyson)

grace, peace & horizons of possibility

Virginia : )

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8 Responses to SNAPSHOTS & WHATNOTS: …contemplative turtles…

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Ginny, So glad you are continuing with your blog! Like the new catchy title, too … that’s a great photo of the turtle. Found the interview interesting… do you have the book? I assume you will be at RavenCon this weekend getting lots of new ideas and inspiration! 💡 📚🐢 💜

  2. Virginia says:

    Thanx Cin – just got the Option B book (w/ Barnes & Noble coupon :)) & would like to get this one, too! Reminds me of MLK Jr.”s “Letter From A Birmingham Jail.” Headed over to RAVENCON in few short tics. Looks like lots of amazing programming once again… Hugs & sci fy adventures!

  3. Carol-Jo Osinski says:

    loved the quote for today and thank you for your inspiration

  4. Bernadette says:

    Great quote. Do you think the turtle is contemplating its truth?

    • Virginia says:

      That’s certainly a possibility, Bernadette! I thought the turtle might be contemplating the event horizon rippling out in the water, but then, I read lots of Science Fiction. 🙂

  5. TMH says:

    “The thing is, not everyone has oodles of time to read treatises on various subjects…”
    My variation: The thing is, not everyone has oodles of time to WRITE treatises on various subjects… Besides, I get distracted from my own writing and my stuff never even approaches ‘treatise’ status.
    I like the new title for Wed. Photographs.

    • Virginia says:

      thank you! I, too, often get distracted from writing because so many good books lure me away from my laptop. sigh. I also get distracted looking thru my photos – what is meant to be a short exercise often takes longer than planned (but it’s fun, of a sort.) 🙂


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