Faithful readers may remember a blog Virginia posted in December about our beloved Williamsburg Regional Library (click here to re-remember: no bah-humbugging around) but now WRL needs my help and your help, too!!

HONOR IS AT STAKE HERE, PEOPLE!  And a bit more, besides, like determining the best public library in the U.S.A.

After 4 weeks in the ELGL national competition pitted against seemingly insurmountable odds (like Houston area libraries in the Final Four) WRL has made it to the National Championship against Pueblo, Colorado. Now, I’ve already done my bit & voted for WRL (plus posted a selfie on FB, something this red head never does) but after reading this editorial from the Pueblo Chieftain my dander is up.

“History buffs may remember that Williamsburg was Virginia’s capital from 1699 until 1780 and an important town during the American Revolution. It’s fair to say the pace of life there has slowed down considerably since those heady days.

Historical accounts about Williamsburg in post-Revolution times have described the town as “sleepy.” In a June 26, 1912 editorial, the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch had this to say: “Tuesday was election day in Williamsburg, but nobody remembered it. The clerk forgot to wake the electoral board, the electoral board could not arouse itself long enough to have the ballots printed, the candidates forgot they were running, the voters forgot they were alive.”

Ok, so if you read the editorial you will laugh (it is funny) but we like books here in Williamsburg & treasure our libraries!! Yes, we’re a small town, but sleepy? I think not. (At least we read books before we sleep.) Plus, we have fun scify conventions like MarsCon (in its 27th year here) and even Richmond’s RavenCon relocated to Williamsburg the past few years.

Then there’s the College of William and Mary. The oldest public university in the U.S. founded with a royal charter from King William III & Queen Mary II of England in 1693.

Williamsburg also promotes love (even on cloudy days.)

Our libraries are amazing (check out the WRL website) offering classes, resources, programs, concerts, helpful staff and BOOKs (in all forms.)

As your Lenten good deed for today, take a minute to help our small town library against those big cowpokes in (the much larger city) of Pueblo. (If you’re from Colorado, consider it your good deed to skip the vote – no good deed goes unnoticed & all that.)

You can vote for our Williamsburg Regional Library until Friday at midnight by clicking here (it just takes a minute, literally.)

ELGL National Champtionship Williamsburg vs. Pueblo

grace, peace & BOOK BATTLES

Virginia : )

“I cannot live without books.” Thomas Jefferson (who graduated from William & Mary!)

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  1. Garfield Hug says:

    I cannot vote as I don’t live there but my virtual support is there. All the best in getting your desired outcome. Blessings🤗🤗

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks GH for your virtual support – our WRL received the silver medal – #2 public library in the U.S. Something quite extraordinary for a small town beating out huge metropolitan areas like Houston & Kansas & so many others! 📚😎📚

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