A Prayer for New Wine

Here’s a prayer from Virginia’s care-giving journal that resonates today…

O Lord Jesus, wouldn’t it be grand to be there, in the Heavenlies? Basking in Your love, hanging out in Your presence? No more sorrow. No more pain. Joy everlasting. Love everlasting.

But, Lord, we’re in this hashed up here and now. Trudging on, trying for joy (with Your help) but most days making a mishmash of it.

Jesus, You turned water into wine at that wedding feast in Cana.  You “saved the best wine for last.”  There is that assurance, that maybe the best wine is to come? Like, I’m getting older, is there more to look forward to?

I know that grapes are not drinkable – they must be crushed to become wine.

Oops! Haven’t we done enough crushing, O Lord? Can you turn the watery version of grape juice in my life into vibrant wine, sort of miraculously? Can you take what’s bitter and add the sweetness of Your love to make it taste better?

Swirl it in vs. crushing it in?

O Lord, please help! Please lead me, guide me, infuse me (with Your wisdom), diffuse (my anger) resurrect (hope), implant (joy), impale (all that’s bad within me), lift up (the good), grow (the weak bits), strengthen (my faith), increase (love), decrease (my fears), heal (what’s broken & a little fixing too?)

Ease (the hurts), forgive my failures (with mercy, O Lord, please have mercy on me!)

Grace me up, Lord, to be and to do, from what drags me (my soul, spirit, will to do) down.

Please pass Your peace through the angst clogging my arteries of hope, that they may flow freely in the power of Your love. Becalmed. Trusting You, to will and to do.

May Your Joy, O Jesus, be my strength today (and always!)

Not my will, but THY WILL be done.


grace, peace & new wine (prayers for)

Virginia : )

“And he saved the best wine for last…”

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6 Responses to A Prayer for New Wine

  1. TMH says:

    “THY WILL be done”…always strikes me as one of the most impactful phrases in the Lord’s Prayer.

    • Virginia says:

      Amen, Tim. Jesus also prayed that in the Garden of Gethsemane when He asked if the cup of suffering could pass, ‘but Thy will be done.’ 🙏🌷🙏

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    Amen 🙏

  3. what a beautiful post! You are quite insightful and so gentle with your writing. thank you! love Michele

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