#Lent: Hectic Peace (a prayer for)

Amidst our busy weeks it’s sometimes hard to know whether we are coming or going. On this Lenten Wednesday, here’s a prayer from a favorite spiritual writer about just that.

“O God, give me the courage to find rest in You, especially during the hectic times in my life. Let me learn to keep alive the flame of inner peace and to dwell in Your presence so that I can be of service to others.

Then may I be Your heart, hands and voice.”  Thomas Merton

grace, peace & hectic (inner) peace

Virginia : )

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8 Responses to #Lent: Hectic Peace (a prayer for)

  1. Cj says:

    The flame of inner peace….thanks, Viginia

  2. Debbie says:

    Um … yes. In our ever-hectic pace of life, we neglect sitting and reflecting. And if we neglect it too long, God has to intervene and get our attention!

  3. lisaloden says:

    Yes and yes. Sometimes it takes does take courage to resolutely choose to remain in rest, in the peace that is beyond our understanding, given the troubled times in which we live.

    • Virginia says:

      Amen, Lisa. Huge mounds of courage are needed in your part of the globe to be a conduit of peace (internally & externally.) Thank you for being God’s peace to me (& so many!) Much (much) love & LOTS of prayers! ✨🌟🙏🌟✨

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