#LENT: Singing Spaceships & New Day(s)

One of my favorite science fiction books (reread often) is “The Ship Who Sang” by Anne McCaffrey. Throughout the story Helva, the spaceship who sings (& main character), suffers loss and faces challenges of many shapes and intergalactic sizes.

After traveling with Helva on her arduous journeys (with a few tears usually leaking out along the way) the book ends with the traditional military requiem of Taps heard as a new beginning:

“Day is done.
Gone the sun.
From the sea, from the land, from the sky. 
All is well.
Rest in peace,
God is nigh!”

“Each day dies, to let night with its darkness for sorrowing and sleep complete its course and bring… a new day.”  Helva, The Ship Who Sang (Anne McCaffrey)

On this Lenten Wednesday (with Easter less than 3 weeks away) maybe it’s time to let go of what is deadening our hearts in the darkness of our fears and let Christ do a new thing in us in a new way.

grace, peace & new days

Virginia : )

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6 Responses to #LENT: Singing Spaceships & New Day(s)

  1. Cjo says:

    Beautiful writing..I am letting go of my fears…praise God…cj

  2. Scarlett79 says:

    Every day I take God with me, in fact we talk

  3. Scarlett79 says:

    all day. I try to offer up everything and every hardship to him. It makes it easier and it really does help me get through the tougher times. I get that from my grandmama, God rest her soul. She use to tell me tough times are the steps to Heaven. I take God with me everywhere I go. It’s safer that way and so much easier 🙏🏻🙏🏻. Blessings on your journey this Lent. I started a bible journal for Lent this year but then I got so sick with the flu 😷 I’ve been kind of sidetracked…Hopefully I can pick it up where I left off 😇

    • Virginia says:

      Blessings on the rest of your Lenten journey- so sorry you were sick. It’s good that God is with us wherever are and wherever we go – even when we’re sick in bed or facing extreme hardships & loss. Stay well! Blessings! 🌷✨💜✨🤗✨🌷

      • Scarlett79 says:

        Thank you for your sweet and kind words. Do you mind if I ask you what is your religion?? You don’t have to answer, I was just wondering. Blessings Mz Virginia 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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