gray skies (& sunshine) @ The Grand Canyon

“Gray skies are just clouds passing over.” Duke Ellington

gray skies @ the Grand Canyon

Glancing out the window the other morning I encountered a glorious sunrise. Waves of color filled the horizon before disappearing behind bleak winter clouds within a minute or two. No camera handy, but for the rest of that gloomy day the mental snapshot of morning beauty lifted my spirits.

Seeing that fleeting sunrise reminded me of a February winter visit to the Grand Canyon my brother and I made years ago. Three mornings in a row we got up at 4:30AM to catch the sunrise from different points around the Canyon where cars couldn’t go.

waiting for sunrise @ The Grand Canyon

On the bus that took us to the lookout points, the driver told us in summer thousands of people line each place to catch the sunrise, but where he dropped us off we were the only ones there.

sunrise @ The Grand Canyon

blue skies and more @ The Grand Canyon

more (cool looking) clouds @ The Grand Canyon

another sunrise view @ The Grand Canyon

My brother and I also made an effort to catch evening sunsets. Even in winter, viewing spots were packed with people.

final wisps of sunset @ the Grand Canyon

One evening after catching this last gasp of sunset we decided to wait for everyone to clear out and catch the next bus back to the lodge. I carefully packed my camera away, but five minutes later I quickly pulled it out when the skies erupted with incredible beauty.

glorious ‘after sunset sunset’ @ the Grand Canyon

We may not always see God’s heavenly paintbrushes at work when gray skies abound and things are getting dark around us, but if we look up from our insular lives every now and then we might encounter something unexpected and glorious, like a sunrise or this sunset.

“The Heavens declare the glory of God…” (Psalm 19:1)

grace, peace & glorious beauty

Virginia : )

“Creation is a miracle of daily recurrence. ‘A miracle a minute’ would not be a bad slogan for God.” George Bernard Shaw

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21 Responses to gray skies (& sunshine) @ The Grand Canyon

  1. Michelle says:

    These are such beautiful photos!!!

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you, Michelle. It was an amazing trip! A bit dicey weather-wise visiting the Grand Canyon in February, but it was cool seeing snow on the ground. We bundled up (long underwear & triple warm coats inclusive!)💨👀💨👀💨

  2. Edie Rittinger says:

    Wonderful photos Virginia!

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you, Edie! Even though we froze our tushis during those early morning outings, the photos are a grand reminder of a part of God’s glorious creation we will never forget. Blessings & big hugs!💨 👀☀️👀💨

  3. arlene says:

    Lovely captures Virginia!

  4. peggyjoan42 says:

    Beautiful photos. Lived in Arizona years ago. Took hundreds of friends to the Grand Canyon – friends who came from other states to visit. Miss seeing the canyon and living in Arizona. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Virginia says:

      Arizona is an amazing state – we so enjoyed our visit! We went on from the Grand Canyon to Monument Valley, then circled back to Sedona (another stunning place!) before ending up in Phoenix. What a treat to visit the Canyon so many times with friends, you have all those grand memories. Blessings, Peggy Joan! 👀💨☀️💨👀

  5. JOY journal says:

    Amazing pix, Virginia!! I’ve only been there once. I had never thought about what it would look like in the winter. 🙂

    • Virginia says:

      The Grand Canyon is amazing any time of the year, but we enjoyed it not being so crowded in February. Sure was cold, though! We bundled up in long underwear, thermal coats, hats, mittens. Visiting in spring would probably be more delightful weather-wise!! 💨☀️💨

  6. Cindy Kranich says:

    Gorgeous, breathtaking!!

  7. Melinda says:

    Those pictures are just breathtaking and I can’t imagine how peaceful it must have been, just you and your brother out there watching the sun rise. God does do such beautiful work, doesn’t He? 🙏❤

    • Virginia says:

      Melinda, it was an amazing trip with God’s heavenly paintbrushes busy, busy! The quiet at sunrise was something unusual given that from spring to fall thousands of folks line up at the same overlooks where we were alone. Blessings to you & yours!! 🙂

  8. beautiful! You and your brother make some sweet memories!

    • Virginia says:

      My younger brother and I started traveling together right out of school, so we’ve been taking trips for a long time. He came and stayed with me for 4 months when I lived in the Middle East, and also visited twice when I lived in Africa. We’ve had a grand time many places, but I must say the Grand Canyon is near the top of our list of special places. (We also had an unforgettably beautiful time in Petra, Jordan – another incredible place!) Blessings& hugs, Michele! 🙂

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