Baking Cakes in Kigali

This is one of my FAVORITE books of the past few years.  Written by Gaile Parkin, a former aid worker in Rwanda who grew up in Zambia, Baking Cakes in Kigali captures the generous hearts of so many African women in Angel Tungararza – a Tanzanian expat living in Kigali who likes to bake, guess what? Cakes…

And she’s very good at it. Soon her uniquely creative cakes are the most sought after for every sort of occasion – weddings, engagements, work parties, diplomatic occasions. But as she interacts with her customers, discussions over cups of tea stray far beyond cakes into issues of Africa – HIV/AIDs, genocide, reconciliation, forgiveness – along with universal challenges of finding & keeping love alive.  Angel draws from her deep well of wisdom and compassion to share generously with them – and with us!!

Then there’s her supportive husband Pius, an expat professor at the Kigali Institute of Science & Technology, their 5 grandchildren, colorful neighbors in their international apartment building, the scenery of Kigali and Rwanda environs  – all beautifully woven into a tale that left me wanting: MORE!!

Please author Gaile Parkin – I keep checking Amazon – when is your next book in this series coming out?? (hint, hint… we want MORE of Angel & her cakes!!)

If you want to visit Africa but tickets are a bit pricey, read this book and enjoy a memorable visit to Kigali on the cheap – and come away so much richer.

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