THE FINAL INQUIRY : Dolph Lungren does Roman Jerusalem

If you’re looking for a weekend movie, consider this all-inclusive inspirational action, mystery and romance drama set in the Holy Land after the death of Christ. Great cast, great music by Andrea Morricone and an interesting story.

I found this DVD a random way while seeking a birthday present for my Mama in a Christian bookstore. Since there were no Amy Carmichael books (my Mama’s favorite FAVORITE), this looked like a possible viewing option for the Savvy Saints…

Then I noticed that action-hero DOLPH LUNGREN plays one of the main roles. Hmmn, maybe not  such a safe option (his movies are usually overbrimming with action & a wee bit of violence) but as a long-time groupie, I wanted to see it!  The sales lady said it was good (she looked matronly devout) so in it went into Mama’s gift bag.

We’ve actually enjoyed watching it several times – there’s lots to catch the first go round what with political plots, double-dealing, Roman wars in Germania, Caesar shenanigans, 36 AD CSI-ish autopsies, a love story, a few brawls & fight scenes (Dolph Lungren has to knock heads around somehow!)

The basic storyline: Caesar Tiberius (Max von Sydow) sends Roman Tribune Tito Valerio Tauro (dreamy Italian actor Daniele Liotti) to investigate the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ. Tauro takes his servant/slave Brixos (Dolph Lungren) on the journey to Jerusalem & the Judea environs where they meet all sorts of folks…

My Papa’s favorite scene is when Tauro meets Peter in Galilee. wow. Mama likes the love story between Tauro & Tabitha (Spanish actress Monica Cruz – Penelope’s sister.)  In my favorite scene, proud & all-powerful Tribune Tauro falls on his knees begging Mary for help, but she lifts him up by clasping his hand (something Jewish women NEVER did!) & takes him over to Peter.

Rated PG (a few mild battle scenes, a CSI-ish examination of a charred skeleton & a murder or two) – The Final Inquiry is not just a movie about faith, it’s an adventure (like faith!)

Go Dolph!

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1 Response to THE FINAL INQUIRY : Dolph Lungren does Roman Jerusalem

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Va., Sounds a bit like the story line from “The Robe”, a personal favorite, so I look forward to checking it out! –c.

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