Lord, pls save me – the surf down here is gettin’ rough…

Saint Peter jumped out of the boat and walked on the water to Jesus. All was fine until he looked down – there was NO GROUND, just deep sea all around. His faith step faltered & he started to sink, then cried out: Lord, please save me! Today I tried that walking on water faith thing, but the going got tough. So, like St. Peter I prayed…

Newfoundland Coast (summer, 2000)

Lord, Please Save Me

(the surf down here is gettin’ rough)

 Waves of frustration crash on the shores of my anger

(nothing is going my way today)

shake – rattle – let go

Lord, please save me!!

Waves of self-doubt crash on the shores of my insecurities

(I am just a nothing nobody)

shake – rattle – look up

Lord, please save me!!

Waves of apathy crush my empathy for the suffering in this world

(there’s already too much on my plate)

shake – rattle – look around

Lord, please save me!!

 Waves of fear crash on my courage muscles

(can’t, won’t, NOT, too scared to try)

shake – rattle – work them out

Lord, please save me!!

 Waves of mold crash on the shores of my mildewed mind

(too much mindlessness, too little mind-filled-ness)

shake –rattle – be transformed

Lord, please save me!

 Waves of helplessness crash on the shores of my abilities

(challenges are TOO BIG, I am TOO small)

shake – rattle – take a leap of faith

Lord, please save me!

 Waves of doubt crash on the shores of my faith

(why now? why this? why ME?)

shake – rattle – believe

Lord, please save me!

 Waves of love crash on the shores of my prickly heart

(what’s that soft knocking I hear?)

shake – rattle – open up

Lord, please save me!

 Waves of joy crash on the shores of my sadness

(Beautiful Savior, come to save me!)

shake – rattle – be lifted up

Lord, please save me!

 Waves of mercy wash the shores of my thirsty heart

(Holy Redeemer, forgive me!)

shake – rattle – receive

Lord, please save me!





Virginia’s Note:  Two weeks ago during a bad day when NOTHING seemed to be going anywhere but down, down, down, I found this Newfoundland pic in a box of old photos. Looking at it I sat down later & wrote this sort-of-prayer-poem. It helped me feel better so I plotted to post it the following Sunday (given Gospel reading re: Peter jumping out of boat.) BUT –  the surf got a bit rough that morning when my very sick bed-fast quadriplegic Papa was zoomed by ambulance to Hospital & subsequently spent all week there for pneumonia.  After several all-day-&-all-nighters, the surf was a bit more than rough. So, I thank God that this simple prayer (repeated often during frenetic days in Africa & Kosovo & the Middle East) is still so powerful. Hey, it worked for Peter! I thank God for all the grace provided last week to surf through the ‘rough stuff.’ Papa is much better (altho very weak and quarantined from appointments & visitors for several weeks.) We are grateful for the continued care from Home Healthcare nurses and therapists coming each day.

LIFE IS A GIFT!  amen… & Lord, please save us!

(the surf down here is still a bit rough!! :  )

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5 Responses to Lord, pls save me – the surf down here is gettin’ rough…

  1. mymary0913 says:

    Thank you for sharing this Virginia, it is wonderful….. Speaks to all of our hearts.

  2. Don swope says:

    lord meet this one in the way that brings honor to You and peace to her

  3. Cindy Kranich says:

    Va., I agree with Mary that this speaks to all of our hearts and so poetically expresses our daily feelings of fear and inadequacy while pointing us to our God, Who is Mighty to save! This is one to come back to again and again. luv, cin

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