Papa’s new Bed-Ski-Boots!!!

Papa 'bed-skiing' in his new booties!!!


Finding roses after the ‘rubble’ of Papa’s hospital stay has been real easy with these new ‘BED-SKI-boots’ – he is so excited(!) & we are so excited(!) & grateful to Kathy – the Physical Therapist at the Hospital- who organized these for him.  Even though he lives & sleeps on air-mattresses, my Papa suffers from ankle burns, constantly waking Mama up at night to move his ankles. But NOW, with these AMAZING new BED-SKI Booties, he sleeps all night with his ankles comfortably ensconced in softness all over! No more waking Mama up for ankle burns !! yippee…

(we called these booties ‘BED-SKI-BOOTs’ because it looks like Papa can go bed-skiing in them!)

The most fun part — they make him look hip & happening COOL!  : )

grace, peace & BED-SKI BOOTIES


p.s. Papa is ‘officially’ clear of pneumonia in his lungs as per Nurse Anna today!  yaaaay!

bed-skiing pneumonia-free Papa!


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5 Responses to Papa’s new Bed-Ski-Boots!!!


    God is Great.Let us praise him for the bed skii boots and for the bed-skiing pnumonia -free papa.Bwana Asifiwe!!! na Haleluya.

  2. gwensbullock says:

    I imagine that one day all of us can go skiing together in red ski boots on a gorgeous mountain-top covered in snow……..white, white snow. love to family and giving thanks for a good nights sleep.

  3. Cindy Kranich says:

    VA, Thanks for sharing the pics of Dad … I couldn’t help but notice that his shirt is color coordinated with his boots! 🙂 So glad to hear the good health report. luv, cin

  4. Don swope says:

    Wow maybe we can go skiing together soon. Don

  5. mymary0913 says:

    Love that you all have found another way to help his physical situation. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hi all!

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