Sunday tinklings: Life & Dreams (a poem by Virginia)


What have I done with the life I’ve had,

What am I doing with the life I have…?

What have you done with the life you’ve had,

What are you doing with the life you have…?

    LIFE … to live … LIFE. .. living … LIFE…

                                                          LIFE … to exist … LIFE. .. existing … LIFE

– We touch – We feel  – We walk – We run – We laugh – We cry – We love –

– We sigh – We hurt – We hug – We kiss – We die –


             A package wrapped with joy and pain, a complicated gift

                   –sometimes a privilege, sometimes a drain.

           “Life in the fullest” — to express, to feel

                    with the highest extent of ourselves possible.

           But we build islands to shut life out;

                   dulling realities with non-realities

                   we become numb to the world around us, within us.

           Cluttering up our lives, we move into the desert of apathy

                   and forget our dreams.


              Dreams to have, to hold, to be, to do

                                                                   …the impossible.

 vlw, jerusalem  (17 July 1995)

*Virginia’s NOTE:  On Friday while listening to the NPR morning news on WHRO (our favorite classical station – a shameless plug, but hey, they play GREAT CLASSICAL MUSIC!) we heard about a 13 year old pulled from the rubble of the earthquake in Turkey. He evidently survived several days by drinking rainwater and digging deeper into the dirt around him. Years ago when I worked in the Middle East, there was a terrible earthquake in Korea where a young lady survived for over a week underneath the rubble. When we heard of her rescue, I wrote this poem & shared it with my boss, who then shared it with our Korea office.  Dusting it off today the question remains: what does life look like underneath a ton of rubble? Some of us walk around completely rock-rubble free, but our hearts are so overloaded we have forgotten our dreams… & maybe even HOW to dream.

Life IS a Gift… and God is bigger than our biggest fears and deepest tears…

‘just saying… maybe now is not the time to be scared to dream a little…

grace, peace & DREAMS (the big or little kind)

    Virginia : )

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5 Responses to Sunday tinklings: Life & Dreams (a poem by Virginia)

  1. Shere Perry says:

    Such an inspiration, seester. Thank you for sharing this perspective and the story…you have seen/lived through so much. It’s a gift to share what you have learned with us, your blog readers! Yaay!

  2. Megan Perry says:

    Wow, I am moved and inspired!

  3. Virginia says:

    MISSIE MEGAN – thank you for reading your auntie’s blog! i am moved & inspired by YOU & how you are using all the many gifts God has given you – especially MUSIC. Catherine Doherty wrote, “Music is the echo of God’s Voice…” … and your music certainly is! : ) (you take after your Mother, you need to ask her to dust off those ’70s originals! : )

    grace, peace & beautiful echoes – auntie V

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