Annie Lennox: Christmas in December…& ALL YEAR!!

Last year Carol, a good buddy in the UK, posted on FB that “A Christmas Cornucopia” topped her December birthday ‘wish & received list.’  As a huge groupie of Annie Lennox FOREVER (from the Eurythmics to her every Album/Tape/CD/mp3 since!), I rushed to order one (Merry Christmas to ME~! you know those gifts, when you’re cyber-shopping for someone else & you see an amazing opportunity like this ON SALE & well, think of how everyone will enjoy the universal Gift of Music emanating from your Kitchen Christmas playlist! : )

This compilation absolutely ROCKS (in a tasteful Christmasy way)… no Santa or Sleighbells, just Annie’s gorgeous vocals soaring through traditional carols that generate Hope & Joy for the listener, ’tis true(!) … again & again & AGAIN.  After cleaning out last year’s Christmas playlists (that took up the whole iTouch – we like Christmas music around here!) i just couldn’t bump this one & kept playing it in February – May – July – September … ’til now.

Spirits a bit down or got-some-kind-of-Blues, this is a true pick-me-up all year through!

As Joseph Was A Walking he heard an Angel sing, this night shall be the birth time of Christ the Heavenly King – so sings Annie, accompanied by the South African Children’s choir.  When she sings the Allelulahs, however, methinks the Angels are hanging out close by. Seriously… very, very CLOSE BY.

The CD ends with “Universal Child” that brings the Christ Child into the now – today – where so many children around the world are suffering. As Annie sings ‘i’m gonna try to find a way to keep you safe from harm’… she’s seriously serious.  As a global activist for HIV/AIDS, malaria, women & children’s rights, she has done SO much for so many.

Check out The SING Campaign (& the SING video – it REALLY rocks!)…an effort Annie launched to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS et all..

& even if you’re not a fan of Modern Music, you will really like this Christmas compilation. Trust me… (& my Mama likes it!)

grace, peace & Advent Angels (the singing kind!)

Virginia : )

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5 Responses to Annie Lennox: Christmas in December…& ALL YEAR!!

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Ginny, I’m putting this at the top of my list … the portions you played for me at Thanksgiving were fabulous! Cin 🙂

  2. Virginia says:

    You will enjoy it, but hope Mark likes it too (since i keep pulling a “Cindy” replaying the Joseph song over & over & OVER AGAIN!) Methinks you will also really like her last CD – “Songs of Mass Destruction” with powerful songs that ROCK & have a message (the Sing campaign song is on there – another fav… : )

  3. honoriaplum says:

    I adore Annie Lennox. Always have done. The Eurythmics made a strong and lasting impression on me as their first hit singles came out when I was in primary school and discovering music. I am definitely going to look for this CD. Thanks !

    • Virginia says:

      You will so very enjoy this Christmas compilation, but I also really like her “Diva” CD from way back (it’s another one played over & over & still totally enjoyed!) Maybe you can add it to your ‘Santa’ list (along with the U.K. cottage or continental flat : )

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