a Week’s Roundup….Movies! Movies! Movies!

It’s a cold-n-rainy kind of day here – perfect weather to curl up with a good movie or go see one. Thought i might start a regularish Friday-Saturday movie round-up of weekly viewings, so here’s a start. (Note: High-volume viewing(s) last week due to Movie Outings & a sniffle/head/tummy bug spent hermited in my room vs. socially engaging germs with the Savvy Saints!)

Joyful Noise  (http://joyfulnoisemovie ) Saw this Jump Up & Cheer movie in the theater last weekend: Queen Latifah + Dolly Parton + lots of great Gospel music (!)  Set in a small Georgia town weathering hard times, a Gospel Choir has the chance to win a national championship, but must bridge traditional music with what’s hip hopping out there.  Family struggles, a love story (Akeelah & The Bee’s Keke Palmer wows!!) lots of hilarity, hope & inspiration.  (i am not into country music, but Dolly Parton sings a slow ballad that zaps the heart!) Queen Latifah awesomely awesome (as usual..)

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol    Last Sunday wanted my sister to see “The Way” (playing at our local artisty Kimball Theatre); however, an hour early it was sold-out (all these white-haired ladies going in ‘ we bought our tickets online!’) so we went to see the latest Mission Impossible. It’s totally THE BEST OF THE MI BUNCH! Tom Cruise is, well, his normal self (i am not a fan, except he was rather good in Valkyrie) but Simon Pegg lifts things up a few notches – we outright wa-ha-ha-ed our way through the movie  (his running monologue in the tense Kremlin scene is beyond hilarious)…while edge of your seat action sequences made the Excitement Factor High.  The story? oh, a nuclear end of a few Big Cities scenario if Ethan Hunt & his team (disavowed & having to rely on what they can do without backup) do not succeed. Fun cast, globetrotting plot, wild action… A Blast (literally!)

On A Clear Day (2006)  In Glasgow, a 55 yr old shipbuilder finds himself laid off & floundering a bit, so he sets a goal (with help from his 3 buddies) to swim the English Channel to France.  Family struggles, friendship, overcoming challenges at all levels. Great cast (Peter Mullan, Brenda Blethyn, Sean McGinley, Billy Boyd..) & great story that inspires in realtime.

The Eagle (2011)  Not rated “G” for Grandmother (Woodward rating, altho Mama has seen lots of action-packed sports without blinking!) this movie portrays 2nd century Britian as Roman soldier Marcus Aquila & his slave, Esca, seek to find the golden Eagle of the lost Ninth Legion – on their own, in the remotest parts of  wild-n-dangerous Caledonia (Scotland.)  Gorgeous cinematography, lots of Battle Scenes (not Braveheart gory, but lots of action!), well acted (ChanningTatum, Jamie Bell, Donald Sutherland..) & an inspiring story (endurance, perseverance, friendship…)

Courage (2009)    Billed as a ‘family movie’- woah – be prepared, kind of like Robinson Curusoe & Survivor, but with a ferocious Grizzly Bear on the loose.  Mama made it through this one fine (altho i did have to check on things in the kitchen a few times!)  Set in the Pacific Northwest (beautiful scenery) probably near Vancouver? Jason Priestly plays a writer/husband who takes his wife & daughter out on their boat for a few days. Throw challenging family dynamics into the mix when a storm capsizes the boat … leaving him helpless, his wife & daughter having to get along…(then there’s the terrifying Bear that chases them all over the island… yep, a Family Movie.) Still, a good watch!

Night Train to Munich (1940)   Oldie but goodie action adventure set in Prague – Switzerland -England – Berlin – as a British undercover agent (very young & HANDSOME Rex Harrison) helps Czech scientist & his beautiful daughter (Margaret Lockwood) escape from the Nazis. Cliffhanger ending (literally – in skylifts above the Alps!)

That’s probably enough for this cold-rainy day… but we did enjoy watching “Remember the Titans” again on Monday (Papa got the Blu-ray edition for Christmas, so for sure, we had to check it out!)  Always uplifting, always inspiring!

grace, peace & movie round-ups

Virginia : )

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