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Facing the Darkness

“I’ve seen too many stars to let the darkness overwhelm me.”  Sr. Macrina Wiederkehr We’ve all been through dark patches in our lives. When everything is dark around us, we need to look up to see the stars. Sometimes – … Continue reading

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Peace Within

Virginia realizes she has previously shared this quote – possibly several times – from her favorite saint. But, such a good quote deserves multiple shares! “May today there be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where … Continue reading

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Ups and Downs Journeys

“The journey is essential to the dream.”  Saint Francis of Assisi Lent is often described as a journey. We start with ashes (and good intentions) and wind our way for forty days through a few mountains (and perhaps a few … Continue reading

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Speaking Words of Grace

Words. Words. Words. More words, less words – the dilemma of the day. The other day this challenge in a daily devotional jumped off the page into my heart: “You have the chance to extend the grace of God through … Continue reading

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Unsinkable Rainbows (of God’s Love!)

One of Sunday’s Scripture readings covered Noah’s ark emerging from the flood. Go figure the animals partied when they hit land! But there’s more to the story: rainbows and covenants. After the massive flood destroyed everything in Noah’s time, God … Continue reading

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Navigating Spiritual Deserts

Not sure how your Lent is going (it’s only been a few days) but don’t be dismayed if you end up plodding through a spiritual desert. It happens. Sometimes we go through dry spells when our usual spiritual streams succumb … Continue reading

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The Duty of Delight

On this first Saturday of Lent, Virginia is contemplating delight. Do you ever think of delight as a duty? I usually think of delight as a bonus joy brings to the table. But, come to think of it, delight is … Continue reading

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One of Virginia’s favorite Scripture passages is Isaiah 58. Years ago she read it, then read it again and again until eventually it became motivation for younger Virginia to step out of her comfort zone into new adventures as an … Continue reading

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#LENT: A Bluebird Sighting

First let me clarify, I don’t remember ever seeing a bluebird near our home in winter. Lots of cardinals flitter about, but bluebirds? Nada. Last week searching for something in my bedroom, I heard tapping on the window. After a … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday: Radiant Embraces

And so it begins, the season of Lent. This year instead of ashes visibly smudged on our foreheads, ashes will be sprinkled over our bowed heads. Little did we know when Lent began last year how drastically things would change. … Continue reading

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