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This week Virginia will share post-a-day quickie quotes using her iPhone “ImageQuote” app. Learning about the ImageQuote app at a sci-fy convention awhile back, it’s been an easy way to post a pic with a quote on Instagram – and … Continue reading

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Transformative (#writing) Grooves in Kentucky!!

Last month Virginia (the person) zoomed from Virginia (the state) to the rolling hills of Kentucky for the Wedgwood Circle GoodLit2020 Writers Retreat. “Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place.” Daniel Boone Twelve writer participants from around the country … Continue reading

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YOU JUST GO ON (Virginia’s thoughts about it…)

When whacked out stuff hits our lives (an all-to frequent occurrence these days) what does it mean to go on? Going on is kinda hard with a coyote on the road Going on is not always an easy endeavor… Going … Continue reading

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Facing Change: A Flowery Perspective

With so many topsy-turvy things facing us in these turbulent times, this quote made me pause and reflect: “Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” James Baldwin (1924-1987) But, maybe … Continue reading

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05 September: Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Today we celebrate the life of Mother Teresa, now Saint Teresa of Calcutta. She has always been one of my heroes. This picture of Mother Teresa, gifted and painted by a family friend, hangs on the wall by my desk. … Continue reading

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No “birding” around: Be Yourself!

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr. Seuss grace, peace & authenticity Virginia : )

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Prickly Pear Poetry

T.S. Eliot’s The Hollow Men has been one of my favorite poems since high school (along with Langston Hughes’ Harlem – What happens to a dream deferred?) Today here are prickly pear bits from T.S. Eliot’s poetry to contemplate… Shape … Continue reading

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Snapshots & Whatnot: Going with the Flow

 “A good laugh heals a lot of hurts.” Madeleine L’Engle Here’s something today from awhile back that still makes Virginia laugh! Going with the flow @ Two Oceans Aquarium in Capetown, South Africa “The opposite for courage is not cowardice, … Continue reading

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Amy Carmichael: (Faithful) Overflowing Shells

As shared here previously (…Immortal Flowers…) my precious Mama was a huge groupie of Amy Carmichael, an Irish author and activist who established a ministry in India to rescue young girls from sex trafficking and provide a safe sanctuary for … Continue reading

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Mists of Anxious Perplexity

“Anxiety is the mark of spiritual insecurity.” Thomas Merton There’s so much to be anxious about these days, it’s often hard to see the path ahead when mists of fear obscure the way. We may feel small. And alone. Like … Continue reading

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