“My faith is brightest in the midst of impenetrable darkness.” Mahatma Gandhi

Sometimes the darkness that surrounds us is SO DARK. But when it’s darkest, light shines all the brighter. When I worked overseas in places where electricity was dodgy (or in some places nonexistent), candles and lanterns made all the difference.

Going through darkness in our lives that’s how faith works. God’s light within us helps dissipate the darkness of the next minute, then the next – if we choose to have faith and actively hope.

Faith is a choice. Hope is a choice. They are both courageous actions, especially in the midst of impenetrable darkness.

“Faith is not an insurance policy but a courageous adventure, not a tranquilizer but a challenge, not a bed of roses but a battlefront.” Carlos G. Valles, S.J.

Here’s to letting our faith-lights shine today!

grace, peace & Hope


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