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Fatherless on Father’s Day (again!!)

Here’s a post shared awhile back that still resonates!! Cherished and adored are two words that remind me of my father, and loved. Although it’s been several years since Papa passed, there’s still a crater-sized hole in my heart missing … Continue reading

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Contemplating Mystery (Faith & Love)

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what’s what. Life is a mystery! Especially when there’s so many horrifying things happening around the world, in our country, communities & with our friends & families, too. War, senseless gun violence, disease, injuries, et … Continue reading

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Valentine Blues Love Grooves

Love is space and time measured by the heart.” Marcel Proust It’s Valentine’s Day. In stores & in our social media feeds it’s all LOVE, LOVE, LOVE & mushy sentiment for the masses. Sweethearts, sweet tarts & chocolate! The thing … Continue reading

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Missing Loved Ones @ The Holidays

The holidays can be occasions for joy, but also sorrow missing loved ones. It’s been six years since Papa passed, then Mama a year and a few months later. Precious memories fill the treasure chest in my heart. My parents … Continue reading

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Collective Pain

Loss is never easy. The pain can feel like a knife ripping our hearts out. It’s tough, unbearable at times. But, something to realize in the pain is that we are not alone. You are not alone. “An experience of … Continue reading

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“Arise, shine, for the Light of the world is come…” (Isaiah 60:1) “May Your waxen candles flaming spread their warmth, as their glow flickers darkness into light. May Your will be done to make us one again; may Your love’s … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season for good cheer, but not everyone is able to put on their good cheer grooves. Times are tough. Maybe this year with so many challenges there won’t be many presents under the tree. Maybe you have lost … Continue reading

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Spreading Love Around

As we navigate this first week of Advent, it’s possible that tempers may be fraying amidst the holiday crush. We may not want to play nice with others, especially if our internal grumble meters are going full speed ahead. We … Continue reading

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Words, Words, Words…

So often we miss the opportunity to share an encouraging word. We may be busy on our phones, or take the negative route in our conversations when we disagree with someone. Hey, it’s okay to disagree! But sometimes we’re not … Continue reading

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October 15: Saint Teresa of Ávila!!

Once again it’s the feast day of one of my favorite saints affectionately known as Saint Teresa of Jesus. I am a huge groupie of this amazing woman who lived long ago (1515-1582) but who continues 500+ years later to … Continue reading

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