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Valentine Blues Love Grooves

Love is space and time measured by the heart.” Marcel Proust It’s Valentine’s Day. In stores & in our social media feeds it’s all LOVE, LOVE, LOVE & mushy sentiment for the masses. Sweethearts, sweet tarts & chocolate! The thing … Continue reading

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Snapshots & Whatnot: Mending Fences

In today’s “judgement culture” it’s too easy to close the gates of our hearts to others, especially those with whom we may disagree… “Instead of showing someone the gate, try mending the fence.” Barbara Johnson  “Love recognizes no barriers. It … Continue reading

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Misery Loves Company

“I have learned now that while those who speak about one’s miseries usually hurt, those who keep silence hurt more.” C.S. Lewis Misery may love company, but not always. Sometimes we are misery martyrs, preferring to wallow in our misery … Continue reading

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Sorting Our Heart Fissures (Together!)

This photo taken years ago in Petra reminded me of something I highlighted in one of Joan Chittister’s books. “To be able to face the difficulties of our lives, to admit them and resolve them instead of trying to swallow … Continue reading

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#Lent: Memories of Love (the kind that lasts)

March is a month of memory milestones for our family: March 8th is the memorial of Papa’s passing, March 15th (today) is my mother’s birthday, and March 17th is my parents’ anniversary. We were so blessed to celebrate Mama’s 80th … Continue reading

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HAPPILY EVER AFTER (on Halloween?)

In our go-to fairy tales (& costume considerations for Halloween) why do we think ‘they lived happily ever after’ will ever come to be? Will I ever find my prince? Maybe, maybe not. That’s ok, because the trick is to … Continue reading

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a Funny Thing called LOVE

It’s not Valentine’s Day, but for some reason got to pondering (& pontificating) about love, that word that sometimes stands us on our heads.  Love is a funny thing. We think we want it, but all the work that goes … Continue reading

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fortune cookie wisdom… (in Lent : )

Yesterday my brother treated for Chinese Food (it was a holiday here in the U.S. + he is sick with a sore throat & Other Miladies, hence the wonton soup was particularly appreciated & Papa gets Really Happy about Shrimp … Continue reading

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