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snapshot(s) & whatnot: …oh, joy begin…

THE SNAPSHOT(s) (From Hermanus, South Africa)  Oh, joy begin… …again… …again & again & again… Oh, joy begin. … & WHATNOT Last nite Stephen Colbert hosted DAVE MATTHEWS on his show. I have been a Dave Matthews groupie for quite … Continue reading

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that love ‘thang

Once again, it’s Valentine’s Day. In stores, emails, tweets – it’s all LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  Mushy sentiment to the masses. Sweethearts and sweet tarts (do they still make those little heart-shaped ones?) The thing is, maybe there’s no sweetheart in … Continue reading

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And so it begins….

uh, and so it BEGAN.  The first Sunday of Advent jumped us when we weren’t quite finished munching our Thanksgiving leftovers. It’s now the first Wednesday of Advent, there’s a carol service at church tonight, and Christmas is only 25 … Continue reading

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March 15th is my Mama’s birthday.  She would have turned 81 today… I took this picture to send my uncle after he sent those gorgeous flowers for Mama’s 80th birthday (that’s him in the framed picture with my aunt.)  As … Continue reading

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birthdays + getaways = birthday getaways

This weekend my brother & I are zooming out of town to celebrate his birthday.  Since Dwight is my YOUNGER BROTHER, his age shall not be divulged.  Let’s just say there are a few decades to celebrate. LIFE IS A … Continue reading

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…choosing joy…

There is so much negative sludge going around – condemnation, unkindness, defamatory  rhetoric (& not just in the U.S. presidential race!)  Maybe this Lent we can try to take a moment to think about what we say before we say … Continue reading

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winter, winter… winter blues!

Brrrrrizzzy!  It’s cold here with temps dropping down to 12 degrees Fahrenheit tonight.  For Virginia (the State) that’s pretty cold, but for Virginia (the person) that’s REALLY cold! Yesterday while zipping about town in icy, damp weather (all bundled up … Continue reading

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