Blogging Grooves & Life Updates!

Once again Virginia the blogger has been off the blogosphere for two weeks. Now she’s trying to get her blogging grooves back while juggling new things in her life that require massive amounts of time and attention. New opportunities + exciting goings-on = less blogging time    

As a few of you know, Virginia started a new job in June with a nonprofit that’s located in our nearest big city. Without traffic (& minimal traffic lights) Virginia can zoom there in 45 minutes, but with traffic it usually takes an hour. Techie glitches keeping up with WP blogs on her iPad have also been a challenge, but now she’s equipped with a new iPhone (her old version 6 upgraded to 11 with tons more memory space) and hopes to keep up with everyone a bit more expeditiously.

So what is Virginia doing exactly? In September I wrote a blog for our organization’s website. You can check it out by clicking here – Sexual Assault: The Healing Journey, Triggers & Self Care.  

Years ago here on WP many of you reached out with support when I shared my #MeToo blog. I feel privileged now to work for an agency that supports survivors of sexual assault on their healing journeys and empowers students & communities to Be The Change – to combat sexual violence in all its forms.

Of course, Roses in the Rubble is my personal blog (& it’s good to keep things separate since you know how hilarious Virginia’s posts can be!) but I thought you might appreciate a quick life update. Oh, and yes, passing through September Virginia is a now a year older. Yikes.

Life is a Gift!

grace, peace & life updates


“Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift.” Regina Brett

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10 Responses to Blogging Grooves & Life Updates!

  1. It’s amazing the great work you’re doing in your community Virginia. Appreciate the life update.
    When there’s a lot happening outside of the blogsphere, it can be challenging finding the balance between blogging and attending to real life. It’s totally understandable. Take all the time you need to get your groove back.
    Love and light 🤍✨💫
    Have an amazing week.

  2. Debbie says:

    You know, Miss Virginia, I’ve heard it said that if you want something done, hand it to the busiest person you know (that way, it *will* get done because they’ve already proven their organizational skills!). Hang in there and enjoy the learning experience. Oh, and happy belated birthday!!

  3. Garfield Hug says:

    Welcome back and all the best in your new job

  4. Garfield Hug says:

    Forgot to wish you happy birthday and may all your wishes come true!🎂🌹💃🎊🎉💝🌷🐾🐾

  5. It is so good to see an update on you! And to know that you are doing this important work. You have such a gift. I am fully convinced that the statistics on sexual abuse are extremely low in relation to reality. For women and for men.

    • Virginia says:

      You are so right – the statistics, as staggering as they are (every 68 seconds someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted) are way under reported. One thing I’ve been blown away learning the last few months is the number of men who are assaulted. Yikes! Thanks for your encouragement! Blessings!

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