Wednesday Photographs: A Rose in Ibillin…

Roses in Ibillin, ISRAEL (1992)

When i lived & worked for 5 yrs in the West Bank & Gaza Strip, the village of Ibillin (located in Israel’s Galilee between Tiberias & Haifa) was my home-away-from home with Abuna Elias Chacour  (author of Blood Brothers & more!) at the very inspirational Mar Elias School(s).  Zooming up from Bethlehem for visits (like Easter, done in the Melkite tradition with non-stop church for DAYS!) was always a blessing… as was seeing the dreams of Abuna – Reconciliation & Education – come true as Mar Elias made history in the State of Israel (Christian, Muslim, Druze & Jewish faculty & students working & studying together!) … methinks now Abuna has been bumped up the Melkite Leadership Ladder, but my prayers continue to be with him, Mar Elias & the people of Ibillin (along with every day prayers for peace in Israel/Palestine!!!)

This was my 1st ‘Rose in the Rubble’ photo (the rubble background is actually construction materials for the school)… i made a card out of it & then framed a few copies for my family (this is actually a scan of a blown up version given to my parents, as the original was lost somewhere in transit!)  When starting this blog, i chose this pic because these Ibillin roses inspire….as the Living Roses there continue to!

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2 Responses to Wednesday Photographs: A Rose in Ibillin…

  1. Carol says:

    You know – I don’t remember seeing roses at the school, but I remember that Aida had a real love of roses. Have been looking over lots of pictures of Ibillin with Stephanie when she visited last week. Lots of memories x

  2. Virginia says:

    CAROL- so glad we met in Ibillin & SO grateful to God for your friendship & all those wild-n-crazy times in Gaza (& environs) that made the 1st year with WVJ survivable(!) Will never forget our climb up Mt. Sinai (!) diving the Red Sea (!) dodging bullets & stones that New Years day in Gaza (!) & that special Christmas with you & your family in Poole = LOTS of memories!

    Thank you for being such an AMAZING ROSE emanating Grace, Light & Peace (with-knuckles!)
    Virginia : )

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