J.B. Phillips: Exposition on the Beattitudes…

On this 1st Sunday of Lent, here are inspiring words to ponder from the great Scripture scholar, J.B. Phillips…

Sea of Galilee

‘Exposition on the Beattitudes’ 

 Most people think:

 Happy are the pushers: for they get on in the world.

Happy are the hard-boiled: for they never let life hurt them.

Happy are they who complain: for they get their own way in the end.

Happy are the blasé: for they never worry over their sins.

Happy are the slave drivers: for they get results.

Happy are the knowledgeable men of the world: for they know their way around.

Happy are the trouble-makers: for people have to take notice of them.

But Jesus Christ said:

Happy are those who realize their spiritual poverty: they have already entered the kingdom of Reality.

Roses by the Sea of Galilee

Happy are they who bear their share of the world’s pain: in the long run they will know more happiness than those who avoid it.

Happy are those who accept life and their own limitations: they will find more in life than anybody.

Happy are those who are ready to make allowances and to forgive: they will know the love of God.

Happy are those who are real in their thoughts and feelings: in the end they will see the ultimate Reality, God.

Happy are those who help others to live together: they will be known to be doing God’s work.


grace, peace & Sunday Quotes

Virginia : )

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6 Responses to J.B. Phillips: Exposition on the Beattitudes…

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    I love Phillips’ colorful paraphrase of the very familiar Beatitudes–kinda helps you see them in a whole new way! As usual, your selective pictures inspire me beyond words. Luv, cin

  2. TMH says:

    Very solid meaningful ‘content for life’, Virginia. Thanks.

  3. Karl says:

    Always appreciate JB Phillips and really like his take on the World’s Beatitudes (I had heard Charles Swindoll mention this so looked quote up). Most translations are “Blessed” not “Happy” so that changes meaning as happy is short term, blessed is long term. I prefer blessed.
    Thank you for posting this quote,

    • Virginia says:

      Karl, this interpretation of the Beattitudes from JB Phillips has resonated with me for many (many) years. Glad you have been enriched by them, too! I also like “blessed” as happy seems like it depends on what happens (vs. blessed seems more eternal-ish!) Blessings to you!!! ✨🕊✨

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