Icons: Jesus the Teacher

This is one of my favorite icons(!) After getting ‘zapped’ by a version of it on the wall of Saint Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai (while visiting Egypt 19 yrs ago!), i put a framed 7 x 14″ print on the wall of my office in Jerusalem & then toted it to subsequent postings all around the globe.

Before living in the Middle East & encountering the beautiful traditions of Orthodox churches (of all varieties) , i was not familiar with icons – but there’s lots of prayer & spiritual discipline put into this liturgical art form that is meant to draw us closer to God & the important tenets of our faith.

When i look at this icon each morning & throughout the day, it reminds me to pray:     “Lord Jesus, teach me Your ways.”  (of course, when my ways bump up against His ways, i sometimes need to add, ‘please open my mind & heart & spirit that i may know Your ways AND DO THEM!)

…  i’m not sure about you, but Wisdom is on my daily ‘must ask God for’ list (sometimes More Than Once!)  Even a glance at Jesus the Teacher triggers another quick prayer:  “Lord Jesus Christ, please transform my heart & mind & spirit with Your wisdom.”

….& listening closely, i may hear Jesus saying:

“Study My words. Know My words. BE My words.”  


grace, peace & Inspired Spiritual Art


p.s. i took this photo in Istanbul (Turkey) of this Icon on the wall of Saint Sophia’s (Hagia Sophia) one of the great churches of the Byzantine Empire.  

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2 Responses to Icons: Jesus the Teacher

  1. grand-player says:

    Great icon, thought and post……..thanks

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