Wednesday Photographs: Inspiring Women of KENYA!!

Since tomorrow is International Women’s Day, today we’re visiting with the Samburu women in the Samburu District of northern Kenya. When i visited this tribe (as with many tribes & villages throughout Africa) i was so impressed to see how the women work together to Get Things Done… for their children, for their husbands, for their communities… for their countries.

From managing water systems to schools to creative micro-enterprises to support their children, these tribal women inspire me.  Maybe they don’t have the latest iPhone or TVs or even electricity in many places , but their ingenuity & leadership & Willingness To Do Something is something we can all learn from…

grace, peace & Wednesday Photographs

   Virginia : )

p.s.  i love Kenyans! After moving to Tanzania (where i had never been before) i got into lots of trouble when i told my Tanzanian colleagues, “well, i figured if Tanzanians were half as nice as Ugandans & Kenyans, i will be OK…” To which my new colleagues replied, “We Tanzanians are TWICE AS NICE as Kenyans.”  … well, after living 4 years there, i love Tanzanians, TOO! : )

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4 Responses to Wednesday Photographs: Inspiring Women of KENYA!!

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    These are wonderful photos–what beaming faces! A picture really is worth a thousand words! Cin

    • Virginia says:

      Thanx so much, Cin! …the pictures bring back so many memories of amazing times traipsing around Africa & meeting such amazing women (and men too : ) Gin

  2. grand-player says:

    You captured some beautiful ladies! An the colors! Why do American women wear so much black and beige? Big happy smiles!

    • Virginia says:

      Gwen – you should see my wonderfully colorful African clothes — the batik material in bright greens, purples, turquoise — i took all the wrong clothes out there (too HOT) so had made with local materials… and the Ladies LOVED IT when i visited the villages, i was One of THEM! : )

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