Wednesday Photographs: …Rubble & Roses & Kosovo….

I know it’s Easter Week & bright flowers would Be Nice to Feature, but you know what? Our week has been kinda messy & tough & CRAZY, so today i dug out a few photos from the rubble of Kosovo…

why? Sometimes our lives can be messy.  Sometimes love is messy.

But God is with us in our messes.  He often grows Roses (the spiritual kind!)  in the rubble of our lives.

As our suffering draws us ever closer to His Heart of Love, we come to know the depths of His Mercy & Grace & Powerful Joy that sustains us DESPITE the rubble all around us, or within us… (…sometimes our egos need a bit of restructuring which requires a bit of rubble rousing for our Heavenly Creator to Build Something New!)

Oswald Chambers once said, “God does not give us overcoming life, but life as we overcome.”  One rubble pebble… One day at a time… One step of faith at a time.

So, have a little faith… & know that God is with you in whatever rubble is crushing you right now.  His love is, well, Amazing – just like this Rose in the Rubble of Kosovo..   grace, peace & Roses in the Rubble

Virginia : )

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2 Responses to Wednesday Photographs: …Rubble & Roses & Kosovo….

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Pretty amazing photographs from such a war torn landscape. Your words are honest and true … spiritually, the battle rages daily for us all!
    luv, c.

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