Wednesday Photograph: Directionless in Assisi…

While traipsing around Assisi 2 years ago, i came across this little doggie looking a wee bit lost.  With his nose to the ground he didn’t seem to notice the signposts that might have sent him along the way he needed to go…

hmmn, maybe there’s a lesson for us from this wee doggie today(?) Sometimes we keep our noses too focused on the down stuff when maybe we might need to look UP to see life’s signposts in front of us (or in this case, we might have just missed an important directional heading right behind us…)

So today let’s be about looking up, taking stock of the signposts around us & moving forward toward whatever it is we’re meant to be going, doing & BEING! 

grace, peace & Directions, Directions

     Virginia : )

“Keep trying to do what is necessary, then what’s possible and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.”   Saint Francis of Assisi

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