facing windy weather (with wisdom-ish quotes on Friday)…

“I must set my face to the wind and scatter my handful of seeds.  It is no big thing to scatter seeds, but I must have the courage to keep on facing the wind.”  (Arab proverb)

“Don’t assume that simply because the water is calm that there are no crocodiles in it.” (Malayan proverb)

grace, peace & friday wisdom

    Virginia : )

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5 Responses to facing windy weather (with wisdom-ish quotes on Friday)…

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Love the quotes, Ginny, catchy!

  2. Uncle Tree says:

    Keep facing the wind, Virginia, but when all else fails,
    go with the flow. Take flight, and let go. Right?
    The seeds will grow where God wills.

    Peace and luvz! 🙂 UT

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you Uncle Tree – maybe the seeds don’t always grow where we plant them, but then, doesn’t God have a Grand Sense of Humor?? Letting go requires a bit of Faith (!! try Lots of Faith) but maybe that’s why i ask every day that God strengthen the faith of this Clay Pot? Heavenly Help in the courage dept and all that? whew. Needed message – thank you… Grace & Peace & luvs back at ‘cha : )

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