This is a special day for me (we have been celebrating) marking 21 years as a Catholic Christian.  My church in D.C., Holy Comforter St. Cyprian, received & confirmed us on Pentecost Sunday vs. the Easter Vigil (like most RCIAs.) The Holy Comforter was ever present there each Sunday & led me to take the step of faith to join the Catholic Church after badgering our Senior Pastor for 2 years who continually said, ‘Virginia, you’re already a Christian.’ I had to go to our Associate Pastor, Father T, to plead my case : )

This evening Papa said that i am now ‘of age spiritually’ (in the U.S. we are legally of age at 21 : )   So many rejoicings, so much grace, mercy & spiritual growth… with a grateful heart, here’s a prayer for today:

“Come Holy Spirit, send the rays of your light to us from Heaven. Come, Father of the poor, come giver of gifts, come, light of hearts… sweet guest of the soul, sweetest relief … In fatigue, repose, in heart, refreshment, in tears, comfort … Wash what is stained, bathe what is dry, heal what is bloody.  Bend what is stiff, warm what is cold, straighten what is crooked…”     (from the Liturgy)

“Let us turn our prayers to the Holy Spirit . Let us pray for transformation of our souls… Let us pray for coherence between our lives and the faith.  Let us pray for the Church, that she may fulfill her mission in the Holy Spirit; that she be accompanied by the counsel and the Spirit of her Spouse and her God.  Let us pray for the union of all Christians. For union in performing the same mission.”  (Pope John Paul II)

Happy Pentecost !!!

grace, peace & Spirited Celebrations

Virginia : )

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2 Responses to Pentecost!!!

  1. John Paine says:

    Great post Virginia! For some reason that I’ll never understand, we seem to celebrate Easter then overlook Pentecost. It is an amazing gift. I enjoyed reading about the significance Pentecost has for you. Happy ‘birthday’ and God bless!

    • Virginia says:

      Thanx for dropping by, John…& you are so right that Pentecost often ‘blows right by us’ but thankfully the Holy Spirit sparkles God’s love afresh in us as our Dew of Light each day (not just on Pentecost : ) Blessings & looking forward to checking out your blog!

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