Wednesday Photographs: SOCCER!?… FOOTBALL!!…

The UEFA EURO 2012  tournament is coming down the final stretch with Semi-Finals today (Spain vs. Portugal) & tomorrow (Germany vs. Italy) & on Sunday (the Championship!!)

We have so enjoyed watching the matches (not just because of the Very Nice Scenery — oh the Portuguese Team~ woo, woo! – & the Spanish Team, woo WOO!)  … of course, it took a wee bit of Influence Brokering for Papa to understand the importance of watching TWO 90-minute games per night (the first week of the tournament) & last week’s Quarter Finals (one game per night..)  & why we must Make a Big Deal of the Big Game on Sunday (Super Soccer party on at the Woodwards… : )

As an Avid American Football Fan (the NFL channel gets lots of airplay in the Woodward Home), Papa (like much of America) has to be coaxed a bit into the intrigue of International Football (what Americans call ‘Soccer’…) How National Pride goes on parade as countries play other countries (& Not Much Gets Done when your country is up!)  How players deftly strategize to set up goals (& run themselves off their feet & over their feet & even upside down to score!)

whew.  You see, the rest of the world plays Football (Soccer) in a major way.  All over Africa you see kids with a patch of field & patched up balls (even plastic bags tied with twine) kickin’ it … all over Europe… all over South America… all over Latin America… all over, like most of the globe.

So for Wednesday’s photographs this week it’s Football/Soccer!!

Must go dash watch the Portugal/Spain match… oh la la, i really like both teams so it will be hard keeping the boisterous cheering in check…

Grace, peace & FOOTBALL

Virginia  : )

p.s. Throughout the tournament in Ukraine & Poland the moving billboards keep blazing out: RESPECT.  One of UEFA’s 11 values… It’s also been cool to see the players exchanging jerseys after each game (a woo, woo kinda ‘cool!’)

“…Our message is clear: zero tolerance against racism, violence and doping. Football unites people and transcends differences. The colour of the skin is invisible under the jersey and, for UEFA, this will always be so.…”

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8 Responses to Wednesday Photographs: SOCCER!?… FOOTBALL!!…

  1. Thanks for the great pics, Rose, and for the reminder what a wonderful game football truly is! While on my walk tonight, I saw a group of adults playing a pick-up game at the elementary school field. They were having a great time.

    • Virginia says:

      Sharron – Soccer really does unite folks (when they’re not trying to knock each other down to Get Control of the Ball : ) How grand to catch a pick-up game… & to know that happens the world over, even with plastic-bag-twined-together ‘balls’ …

      Blessings to you (& more Football fun : )

  2. jaygresh says:

    The photos bring back memories of playing a pick up game with kids in a Kenyan Mission years ago. I am glad you like the sport.

    • Virginia says:

      Football (soccer) is All Over Africa… i’ve seen kids playing with plastic-bag-twined balls in front of their homes, on the streets – anywhere they can find space. Truly a great sport (i had a short-lived soccer stint in highschool on the boys team – alas, no girls team at the time.. but then the Football team let out & the coach didn’t want any girls! : ( Still sad about that!

  3. vftmom247 says:

    Great pictures! Sounds like your house gets about like mine during the World Cup.

  4. Beatrice Minja says:

    What a wonderfull thinking and flashbacks

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