Wednesday Photographs: World Refugee Day (20 June)

Today the world recognizes the challenges faced by the 43.7 million people displaced from their homes by disasters & conflicts & traumatizing violence…  World Refugee Day comes once a year, but the refugees and internally displaced persons have often spent many years far from their homes, their countries & all that is dear…

Today’s report from UNHCR notes that roughly 80% of the world’s refugees are hosted by developing countries (vs. the wealthy, industrialized $$ ones!)  Like the refugee camps for the Congolese in western Tanzania…

So often, refugees leave everything behind (what’s not rubble may be hard to find)…

I’ve met so many refugees who – despite horrific trauma, loss, hardship(s) –  inspire all those around them with hope.  Living roses in the rubble they are & more…

So today – and every day – remember the refugees around the world forced into homelessness, living with fears… do what you can to alleviate their tears.

grace, peace & Refugees


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2 Responses to Wednesday Photographs: World Refugee Day (20 June)

  1. Beatrice Minja says:

    Yah! it is a hard! the vicius circle of poverty in fragile states. But why all these?

    • Virginia says:

      Yes, Beatrice, we need lots of Heavenly Help for refugees to find their way home, or to make lasting new homes in safe places where they are welcome (!) Blessings to you : )

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