After writing about joy, ’tis appropriate this Wednesday to share a joy-filled photo. After these enterprising children in Uganda demonstrated a range of games they enjoyed playing (jump rope with weeds woven together, ‘jacks’ with rocks & nuts + other creative play activities using simple materials in their surroundings), they moved on to the really fun stuff: dancing.

Twas a blessing to hang out with them & witness their joy….

uganda joy

“Joy is the noblest human act.”   
St. Thomas Aquinas

grace, peace & ADVENT JOY

Virginia :  )

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  1. jaymers says:

    This photo looks so very joyful! Thanks for sharing.

    • Virginia says:

      Hi Jayme — don’t mind my sister. We have a cousin named Jaime who lives in Colorado (imagine that??) & also has several kids. You might like her blog – Laughing at Spilled Milk…

      A VERY BLESSED CHRISTMAS to you & yours!!! : )

      • jaymers says:

        Thank you–first I hear of your niece the filmmaker now your cousin, I might slowly be cyber-introduced to your entire family, ha ha! Best to you, as well.

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    I concur with our cuz, Jamie, looking at this photo hast to bring a smile to your face! Joy can’t be manufactured and it’s beautiful when it’s experienced! Luv u sis…looking forward to Xmas visit. Luv, Cin

  3. TMH says:

    Love the quote from St. Thomas Aquinas.

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