ADVENT: …sunrise quotes! …

Early this morning i peeked out the window to behold the most glorious sunrise setting off golden reflections in the clouds, but within a few moments the brilliance faded & the day settled back into shades of gloomy gray.  ‘Twas grand to behold, but often life moves from moments of brilliance back into humdrum gray.  Sometimes, it’s hard to see the light (vs. how light shines so brightly in complete darkness.)   Advent is all about letting light shine in the darkness, but methinks we should also consider opening up the gray areas of our lives to the Divine Light.  (Maybe our heart-bulbs need a higher wattage to dissipate what’s gray into Brighter Colours! : ) 

Of course, didn’t have camera handy for those few precious moments this a.m., but here’s one at the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon sunrise

“O come, O Dayspring from on high

And cheer us by Your drawing nigh;

Disperse the gloomy clouds of night,

And death’s dark shadow put to flight.”
(Latin hymn from the 9th Century)

“As the sun illuminates not only the heaven and  the whole world, shining on both land and sea, but also sends rays through windows and small chinks into the furthest recesses of a house, so the Word, poured out everywhere, beholds the smallest actions of our life.” Clement of Alexandria (2nd Century)

grace, peace & SONRISE

    Virginia :  )

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